WiiU single-touch screen, 1080p Zelda, no price yet, backwards-compatibility and more

GGTL: Reggie was on GTTV, talking about the WiiU. Here's what he said.

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darthv722715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

that is is still backward compatible. Maybe they even add in upscaling to wii games?

edit: same res...booo

I would at least expect them to add some type of AA or filtering to upscale it to 720p.

LoaMcLoa2715d ago

Reggie already told Jeff that Wii games will stay in the same resoloution

fatstarr2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

meh its nintendo im sure there will be options.

id say its best not to make final decisions until next year this can always get better.

im sad they didnt introduce the concept of upgrading the system but nothing is final so you never know.

Pixel_Enemy2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

No multitouch?! This thing had the makings of a tablet/gaming device and it is dropping the ball!

I feel like WiiU was Nintendo's step into THIS generation. They should have taken things into NEXT gen and shown better graphics than PS3 and 360

multipayer2715d ago

I bet it drops gamecube support. Anyway *cracks fingers* time to buy an extremely affordable wii and piss all over the concept of this every chance I get...

The controller looks like a gimped PSVita...

hehe, nice.

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BakedGoods2715d ago

No blu-ray eh? So next gen will still be multi-disk? C'mon.

LoaMcLoa2715d ago

It will be cutsom-made discformat, my guess will be be around 20gig.

DeFySMOK32715d ago

Is there even any multi-disk Wii games?

fatstarr2715d ago

could be a different disk medium? ever thought of that.

sony will never let nintendo have its disk medium as payback for the snesstation fiasco ,from way back. tis why gc was mini dvd

darthv722715d ago

they can have their own format as long as it satisfies the space needs for developers.

Plus we are starting to see a decline in usage on bluray for substantial content. Meaning that the potential is there for room to fill up but they arent filling them up. Perhaps it costs to much.

There are several bluray games that dont use the space. They use the format because it is what sony is requiring but they dont even scratch the surface.

Hell, Infamous was an 8gb download. I would feel cheated to find out all the games with the promise of bluray storage and they really just dvd or slightly larger than dvd size.

They will likely call theirs the NVD Nntendo Versitile Disc and it be available in varied sized to the devs. Red laser tech has grown beyond the limits of the dvd9 these days.

superadvanced2715d ago

ps4 will have 16x blu ray drive. massive transfer rates. it will make more sense to fill up the discs on ps4

Jihaad_cpt2715d ago

how much is a propriety media format going to cost if it is beyond the storage capacity of DVD?

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parkerscott2715d ago

Even vague clarification is welcome at this point.

user8586212715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Reggie said their using their own disc, and storage issue wont be a problem for developers

darthv722715d ago

they arent in the market of playing movies. They are into playing games. They can make whatever disc format they choose so long as it satisfies the devs.

B1663r2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Why would it have Blu-Ray??? I mean, Blu-Ray is obviously not the run away success that killed off traditional DVD's like it was supposed to be. If anything Blu-Ray is still struggling to hold on as a viable format (for movies) and outside of the Ps3 and early adopters, I don't see any enthusiasm for Blu-Ray.

Now you PS3 guys like to talk about exclusives... Where are the exclusive Blu-Ray movies? (honestly are there any, I don't know) 5-6 years into the dvd product cycle, and VHS was obviously in its death throws. And while DVD's are absolutely in decline, that has more to do with downloading than Blu-ray...


I am going by market research stats, which show that the best Blu-Ray does here in the lowly USA is 15-20% in christmas gift giving months, then going back down to 10% outside of that window. Those market share figures have remained consistent in spite of an overall decline in DVD sales as streaming/downloading is now taking off in a big way.

Like I said, if Blu-Ray was doing so great, where are the exclusives?

oneDMAC2715d ago

This statement is full of personal opinion with little to no fact. I dont know about where you live but here Blu ray sales are more than double DVD.

darthv722715d ago

no doubt sales are better but you need to look at both formats and compare them the same way people did with vhs and dvd.

VHS and dvd had many differences. One especially was being able to quickly skip chapters forward and back. VHS you had to 'wind the tape. That was a huge plus in dvd favor and was one of the contributing factors to the decline of vhs.

Blu is a high res dvd. It doesnt offer any significant new features other than audio and video. The same size and shape of the media, same abilities to ffwd or rwd at the press of a button, special features and such.

Blu is better than dvd but that does not invalidate dvd as a continued format. CD overtook tapes and yet we still have cd's released in the age of mp3. There is still a market for it.

The dynamic shift it would take to totally drop dvd and have everyone switch to blu is if/when that big blockbuster movie is released ONLY on blu. So far, studios arent taking that chance. Even Sony, and they are on the board of directors of the blu group.

You can talk up sales but as long as there is still a viable need for dvd, it will continue to remain in demand.

L6RD7BLU32715d ago

That guy on gttv was an azz at some points.

NLGSean2715d ago

All of those guys are... Even the bald Frankenstein Adam Sessler... They are unprofessional... Thats why Spike TV is better IMO... geoff keighley>everybody on G4TV

Tony P2715d ago

Ass he may be, I got a good bit out of that interview on how Nintendo wants to view itself ("Wii was not unsuccessful with the hardcore" For reals?) and questions about the Wii U I had.

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