Reggie – Wii U will “absolutely” be at a competitive price

TVGB: Nintendo’s own Reggie Fils-Aime spoke a tiny bit about the price of the company’s new system, Wii U, at GT.TV just after their E3 press conference.

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ProjectVulcan2689d ago

Well how else was he gonna answer that question?

"No, it'll be dead expensive"

Brasi822689d ago

LMAO! +bubbles for my first laugh of the day.

superadvanced2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

i think it will be at least $300. theres no way theyre going to price it the same as the 3ds. and somehow i really doubt these fancy new controllers are going to be the standard 50 bucks a pop. i wouldnt be surprised if theyre 100 dollars.

Brasi822689d ago

Yea, considering its Nintendo. They aren't known for releasing overly expensive consoles. It'll be a day one buy for me. Zelda and Metroid in HD? Sign me up.

eggbert2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The 3DS costs $120 to make

and they are selling it for $249.99.

All game companies do that stuff, look at Microsoft's Hard Drives or the PS2's memory cards.

fatstarr2689d ago

there will be a price drop.

Brasi822689d ago

"They aren't known for releasing overly expensive consoles." Did no one pay attention to this quote? They are a company they are out to make money.

RegalPrince2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Well shit, the console will be inexpensive but the controller won't be.

ProjectVulcan2689d ago

Absolutely my first thought. I can see that it would be compatible with older forms of controllers but should you wish to buy another controller like the one shown i could see them retailing at like £70/$99 each.

RegalPrince2689d ago

Yea man no doubt. Think of the type of wireless infrastructure they we need to be able to wirelessly transfer a 1080p image to a 6inch controller screen.

fatstarr2689d ago

I love the console
its gonna have a sub 249 price point i think
lol reggie went off on sony and microsoft copying them in the xplay interview.

the controller is just a dsi with a nice big screen shouldnt cost too much to make now. 70$ for 1 is my guess.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2689d ago

love...Really? this thing looks way too gimmicky. Remember the nintendo that used the periscope made in the late 90's. It was a burden, I think this will be a big dent for nintendo unless they bust out some sort of power pad 3d immersion device.

pick up a magazine, an ugly white one at that...add about a pound of weight to it and buttons in really odd positions. this thing is a doctors dream, carpal tunnel anyone? I bought into the wii gimmick but this thing, no way. Prior to the expo I was expecting a return to the Super Nintendo days of great games, just dont see it with this big clumbsy thing.

this tablet controller creature is bigger than most kids who they are going to market it for are.

fatstarr2689d ago

i felt the same about move and kinect the ipad and look how its gonna work out

the name of the game is herding sheep
this will do just that and bring back the hardcore
because there is no longer that barrier that xbox ps3 has it and wii doesnt.

nintendo will do just fine they have my dollar. for this and the 3DS.

MasterCornholio2689d ago

The controller looks expensive though.

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