Wii U powered by Unreal Engine 3 tech

A significant step has been made in Nintendo’s new bid to capture a core games market with Wii U.

The innovative new console is being supported by two Unreal Engine games and, Develop believes, the high-end engine tech behind them.

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MinusTheBear2715d ago

That means framerate issues, texture pop-in, and screen tear galore! Even my fairly high-end PC I still get issues with UE games.

KeiserSosay47882714d ago

Bulletstorm on the PC, i thought anyway, looked gorgeous. I also didn't notice those things too often in the Gears 3 beta either. I hope Nintendo's new console doesn't have those issues you mentioned.

Burning_Finger2714d ago

You forgot fulgy mutha f****ing character design with bulky stone face.

Menech2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

A game engine has fuck all to do with character design.

I used to come to N4G to read retarded troll comments, but it's no fun when the comments are beyond retarded.

Look at them bulky characters in Tera (U3 Game)

Mr Patriot2714d ago

There goes my hopes down the drain :(

Sunhammer2714d ago

So much for "graphical powerhouse." They couldn't have chosen a more outdated engine.

iforgotmylogin2714d ago

just like the ps3 and 360. this engine is so sucked off and topped so hard you think it was the holy grail.
nintendos just tryin to make everyone happy from hardcore to casual. they felt the burn last gen with were not supporting the wii until its powerful and now they will.

just because it has this engine doesnt mean nothing. its a dam videogame engine

so if crytek supports it will you still say "So much for "graphical powerhouse." "

Sunhammer2714d ago

You make no sense. How is it valid to apply that same logic to an engine by Crytek when Crytek's CryEngine utterly destroys Epic's Unreal Engine?

Your post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Go play Pokemon, man.

Shok2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Wait, so it's dated because it supports the Unreal 3 engine? That makes no sense. Of course it would support that, there's no Unreal engine 4 games yet!

TheDivine2714d ago

Unreal 3 is still great did you play bulletstorm, gears 3 beta, batman aa? Its updated and a great engine if you use it right. I think this aims to be easy for 3rd party dev to use and get multis on. Nintendo will still use its own engine so why worry? You wont get a console because a few games use unreal heck ps3 uses unreal 3 for tons of games also so i dont know the problem.

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Newtype2714d ago

Highend PC as in what?

Dual Core Celeron with 512MB of RAM, and onboard Intel GMA Graphics?

limewax2714d ago

Well I have an [email protected], 4GB ram, and nvidia geforce 415 1gb. The unreal engine chugs a bit on high, its not exactly one of the better tuned engines, and its not exactly stable. Mind neither are the CryEngine's stable really, even for those with a much better setup

MinusTheBear2714d ago

I have a quad core, 8gbs RAM and a 5870 and as an example Portal 2 looks as good as Bulletstorm. With Portal 2, I can run it a 1080p at 60 fps with max everything including 8x AA.
With Bullerstorm I run it on max everything with a variable frame rate of 25-45 with only 2x AA.

Inside_out2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I would of expected Unreal 3.95 at this point.

Unreal has been used by EVERYONE this gen because it's that good. Sony PAID to use it on it's 2 big MMO's.

Dice PAID to use it on Mirrors Edge and then announced there own Frostbite 2 engine.

Ubisoft has been using Unreal products for years. The first Graw and Rainbow Six used Unreal 3 THEN they announced their own engine Yeti...Hmmmm

CapCom used Unreal 3 for Lost Planet and then announced their own custom engine for Lost Planet 2...Hmmm

Lukas arts just signed a deal for Unreal...must be because it's bad...O_o

...and the list goes on and on. Some of the best looking titles from Batman to Gears all use the tech. Gears 3 may be the best one yet. Not many if any can pull this off...

Great tech makes great games...

...and the future looks bright...IN REAL TIME!!!

They are but one engine but criticizing it is beyond dumb considering how great it has made this gen.

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Der_Kommandant2714d ago

Thank you for saving me a lot of money

jneul2714d ago

yay for old overused engines:-D

JsonHenry2714d ago

Why would anyone get excited about an old engine that is about to be replaced by a new one?

Otheros002714d ago

If it's so powerful why not use unreal engine 4? Or put powered by unreal engine 4?

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