IGN E3 2011: Playing the Wii U

Nintendo's new console is here, and IGN has played it.

It's the dawn of a new Nintendo generation. After five years of pursuing a "blue ocean strategy," the Big N is shifting to a new console, one that rivals (and potentially exceeds) consoles currently in stores. After months of having IGN's Nintendo team tracking down sources and bringing you a comprehensive picture of Wii's successor, I've finally had the chance to use the new controller and play demos on the system

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M-Easy2743d ago

They liked it.

"It will be utterly fascinating to see how Nintendo and other developers take advantage of this innovative twist."

Sounds like the Wii all over again smh.

Uncharted3Goty2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

What can they do Some People just like the Wii

NukaCola2743d ago

This looks cool. The name is corny though. I really wonder, there's no way these controllers are going to be cheap. I assume the controllers are personal tablets for the individual gamer. You always carry you Wii U controllerr w/ you. I bet alot of you info is stored on it.

SilverSlug2743d ago

Screens on controllers are no innovative. I wonder what Dreamcast has to say about it.

fatstarr2743d ago

o.o did you just compare the dreamcast screen to this?

screens + motion sensors+ accelerometers and all the lot on a controller are innovative.

cause i have a dreamcast and i still play it
if you want ill test it out to see if it can do anything like the nintendo demos.

SilverSlug2743d ago

Move had a ton more stuff than the Wii, didn't stop the fanboys from calling it a Wii rip-off.. :)

Dasteru2743d ago

Did you seriously just compare the dreamcasts like 3/4" VMU screen to this? wow, im not really sure how to respond. well credit given where its due i guess. Even for N4G users its very rare a post gets me scratching my head.

Uncharted3Goty2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

so far it looks good lets see What Nintendo has to offer.
@ to NYC gamer and MajieBeast i know there old games that they had from there old gens. But still give it a chance there might be Big games.

NYC_Gamer2743d ago

looks good from what?those 3rd party trailers were from PS3/360 footage...

phantomexe2743d ago

agreed safe to say it can run Ps3 and Xbox grafics

majiebeast2743d ago

The same old franchises for 25 years?

fatstarr2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

the same can be said for sonys
15 years
and Microsoft's 9 years?

DrRichtofen2743d ago

looks like nintendo just caught up to this gen

Pillville2743d ago

...and it won't be out until next year, and next E3, I guarantee we'll be seeing next-next-gen.

I really hope when we see the hardware specs of WiiU they are well above the current xbox and PS3.

DrRichtofen2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I hope you're right . But when that happens I have a feeling whatever microsoft and sony show is gonna blow the wii u away. And its gonna be like this gen all over again (nintendo selling the most but having the weakest system )

maniacmayhem2743d ago

I fin it funny that nintendo has the controller ready and working and not the actual console.

makes me think that this thing will still be a beast of a machine.

D2K2743d ago

Everything they showed us today are ports off of stuff that has been done already or on cross-platform titles. So I'm not gonna trip off of the quality of the graphics which I'm afraid to say looked slightly WORSE than the 360 and PS3.

Clearly graphical power is not the focus of Nintendo, but just one branch in there overall strategy. They should have shown US a least ONE GAME that had graphics in which surpassed the 360 and PS3. Even if it was just a tech demo like the Mario 128 demo back in 2000.

Even though their conference left me confused and with more questions than answers, I was afraid that Nintendo would lose who they are by trying to appease the so-called 'core' crowd. It seems like they want to keep everything balanced. I can deal with that. It does feel like Nintendo is a step behind though.

maniacmayhem2743d ago

I think with showing the ports nintendo is saying "look we have third party support" and "we can handle everything 360 and ps3 can do"

Remember this console is not even fresh out the door. No specs are out or anything similar. Remember when 360 first came out nothing but ports of ps2 and xbox1. Remember when ps3 dropped and it hardly had any games out for it.

What im saying is its way too early to dismiss this. Nintendo been in the game way too long they have their sh*t together.

jack_burt0n2743d ago

does remind me of the dreamcast.

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