Wii U – new official images

First official images of Nintendo Next-Gen Home Console "Wii-U" has been released.

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phatfreddy19782694d ago

I'm digging the controller/tablet.

VampiricDragon2694d ago

me to

the system is also BC with all wii/gamecube games, thats a really nice touch they didnt have to add but they did

Infernostew2694d ago

Ugh... It looks like an Etch a Sketch with buttons.

SpLinT2694d ago

terrible terrible terrible. I have to move my hand to get to the buttons from the stick. This better not be the final design. I hope they pull a PS3 banana controller and scrap the design.

PantherDST2694d ago

So how does this thing work... Do I have a really long HDMI cable sticking out the back running from my couch to the TV? How about two players?

I'm confused...

thedarkvault2694d ago

The ever elusive white sega game gear.