Examiner - E3 2011: Which of the Big Three "won"

So now that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have all finished their annual E3 press conferences, which of the Big Three "won" this year? Here is a comparison of some of the more memorable happenings from each conference.

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movements2742d ago

Nintendo Won E3 with Wii U.

M-Easy2742d ago

lol good one. Funny guy.

slavish32742d ago

nintendo was a huge let down. m$ was ok nothing special. sony was better then them but overall they all sucked

Xander7562742d ago

I agree none of them were that great but I was most excited for Nintendo's with the WiiU and tons of new game announcements. The others just seemed a bit more bleh if that makes sense. Though that new TV Sony had with the unique split screen co-op was awesome. Just wish it was a little bigger.

slavish32742d ago

nintendo seems like they are hiding something. not really showing the system. NOoooooooooooo specs. just the controller. come on!

jizzyjones2742d ago


I wanted more PS3, not PSV from Sony

MS was the kINECT show

An Wii U's controller looks like a mini ipad with buttons

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2742d ago


I don't know who's was better out of MS and Nintendo. I was kinda excited about a hardcore wii (and I'm sure it'll have hardcore games) but I'm just not sold on the thing after that bare bones presentation of it. Not yet at least. I'm kinda looking forward to the new Halo trilogy, and the kinect interface for Ghost Recon was almost sold me on it. But that's pretty much it from MS. I was really hoping Sony would show some Agent footage and announce some more ps3 games. But their focus on move and Vita was far from a let down. The 500 dollar tv is a steal as well as the pricing for vita. And it looks like vita and move are getting some good software as well (Tenchu on the vita ftw). This E3 was disappointing for all the big 3 but Sony's was the best.

lochdoun2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Actually, the developers won this year... EA, Ubisoft, etc.

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