Midweek Sales E3 Edition

Player Affinity writes: "Okay, the largest, loudest Big Gaming Thing of the year is going on right now, and we all want to know about the incredibly important Big New Game Stuff, but let's take a little break from the marketing hysteria and try to actually play some games this week. You know, games that are actually available right now. Here are some you can download this afternoon and enjoy, rather than hammering your F5 button for news about what the new Halo guy will look like."

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Vip3r2781d ago

Still too much for the age of it. Should be 75% off at least.

Greedy Activision.

SKUD2781d ago

I'm sure it kills them at that price too. 75% and the stock holders call an emergency meeting.

CoD5112781d ago

Oh look, MW2. Only $44.99 for me now (Australia)! As if they don't have enough money... I'd buy Deus Ex Human Revolution for the same price, thanks.