E3 2011: Brothers in Arms: Furious 4: Desecrating the BIA Name?


"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the biggest and most anticipated event of the gaming year.

"It brings happiness, sadness, anticipation, excitement, and as always, disappointment.

"At the Ubisoft conference, the infamous Randy Pitchford walked on stage and discussed how he and the team at Gearbox have reinvented WW2 shooters… and how they’re going to do it again.

"We then saw the reveal trailer (below), which speaks for itself.

"Is Furious 4 desecrating the Brothers In Arms name?"

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Proeliator2690d ago

This really disappoints me...

It looks like an interesting game, but NOT an interesting BIA game.

As the author said, WHY did they have to release this under the BIA name???

captain-obvious2690d ago

"Desecrating the BIA Name?"


jriquelme_paraguay2690d ago

Sound like a part 4 of Fast & Furious...

Reibooi2690d ago

I thought the same thing.

Game looks pretty funny but WHY use the BIA name when it has been built up to be a realistic and emotional story heavy series? It makes no sense.

majiebeast2690d ago

Ye it shits on the entire Bia franchise the last game mightve not been the best but the other 2 were just great wo2 games that i loved for the history and gameplay. This one is like duke nuke em and borderlands(not a bad game wish they announced borderland 2) made a baby.

electricshadow2690d ago

In short, yes, yes it is. It looks like it's just a spin-off of the normal BiA games. I'm livid because it looks like old fans (like myself) are going to have to wait until either 2013 or 2014 for a proper BiA game.

Proeliator2690d ago

If they even give us another true title...

THWIP712690d ago

...but Hell's Highway did it first, so...

zeal0us2690d ago

pass getting tired of ww2 games

gaminoz2690d ago

And what about all the modern warfare games this gen? WW2 has hardly been done recently.

zeal0us2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

like how ya condemn me for expressing my opinion, why are ppl quick to hit the disagree button when someone's opinion isn't the same or anywhere similar to theirs.

And what about all the modern warfare games this gen? What about them? I just think its time to move pass WW2, there are other wars you know.

gaminoz2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I'm certainly not condemning your opinion, just disagreeing with it :)

Your opinion is just as valid as mine! I'm sick of modern warfare games...there are way too many of those at the moment. I'm happy to play another WW2 game if it actually goes to different battlefields (NOT bloody Normandy!!!) and has more destructibility etc. In other words upgraded with new game engines.

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