EA: Battlefield 3 versus Modern Warfare 3 is most important battle in a decade

XMNR: EA CEO John Ricitello says that Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 represents a clash of the titans in the games industry and he feels good about EA's position in the fight.

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Dart892693d ago

COD meet you're pimp:D.

Queasy2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

The rolling thunder video from yesterday makes me want to upgrade my PC from passable to kick ass. I haven't had any other game do that to me in years.

04soldier2693d ago

I am upgrading my PC. I done a 180 on my stand against upgrading a PC for one game. It has to be done because COD must be stopped.

I'm buying 2 copies one for my PC and one for my friends on Ps3.

I think this battle between Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 is even MORE important than the console wars

lil Titan2693d ago

come on its not even a battle. we all saw the gameplay vid for MW3 it looks the SAME BF3 got this in the gameplay department now sales MW3 is gonna do it again since people dont learn from Blops

chriski3332693d ago

Battlefield 3 wins by a long shot but every1 knows COD will sell more I will get both

Hanif-8762693d ago

The idiots will buy Call of Duty MW3 while the smart ones will buy Battlefield 3....i'm in the smart category :-)

zeal0us2693d ago

I thought the most important battle of the decade was God vs Satan or the war in iraq/af *notgoing to try to spell it*

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Sarobi2693d ago

The battle between these two games has caused quite the noise for awhile now from each sides community fanbase, hell, i think the whole "BF3 VS. MW3" debate has become even bigger then console debate over the last few months

theonlylolking2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

battlefield fanboys troll almost every COD youtube video now.

Here is some proof.

dangert2693d ago

good EA need the extra promotion i like when people try hard to make us good games

SKUD2693d ago


dangert2693d ago

The thing is and we all know this is true
Battlefield is the better game and the better franchise but CoD will win =/

Tigerfist2693d ago

Probably yes, it has a hardcore fanbase who doesn't care much for quality.

Tigerfist2693d ago

Battlefield all the way. MW3 looks like a joke compared to this.

likedamaster2693d ago

MW3 looks good, but exactly the same game we've already played.

RememberThe3572693d ago

I'm with you on that. MW3 looked pretty cool. But it's like a summer blockbuster you generally watch it once and never again. It was cool for a bit but there wasn't much depth to it.

MGRogue20172693d ago

"War. War never changes..."

04soldier2693d ago

And apparently neither does Call of Duty...

solidworm2693d ago

MW will sell more cos its easier for the noobs and kids.Just saying.

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The story is too old to be commented.