New The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screenshots

Brand New Screenshots of the upcoming Nintendo Wii Title "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" has been released.

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silkrevolver2688d ago

Frankly, it looks better than the Wii U tech demos that they showed. Obviously the Wii U will have better graphics than those demos are showing off, but... I wish they SHOWED us that.

tunaks12688d ago

Looks amazing, why the hell didn't Nintendo show us a trailer!!?!?!

Take the WiiU back and give me SS TLS Pandoras Tower and Xenoblade. I don't want to play ninja stars...

crazyturkey2688d ago

I was hoping that they would announce another Zelda game for the new WiiU when they were showing the controller video with link fighting that scorpion, it look good.

pcz2688d ago

lmao you people owe me an apology. i predicted the wiis demise this year and you lot said no, wait until e3 they will show what they have been working on............ nothing!

not one wii game! just this zelda that has been in development for years! its a disgrace!

wii dead in 2011. no argument!