OXCGN’s Nintendo E3 2011 Conference Wrap-up: A Plethora of Details and Announcements


"The final conference of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo has just concluded.

"To say Nintendo absolutely stole the show would be a massive understatement.

"OXCGN brings you up to speed on Wii U and everything else they discussed."

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Proeliator2781d ago

Best conference of the show!

All though I really have to wonder if Wii U is going to have stuff that really makes me want to play Batman: Arkham City there versus on my 360.

VampiricDragon2781d ago

by far the best and they are also showing the most games

Hell paper mario, dq joker 2, kirby wii 2, mario party 9 are on there site with brand new images.

There was so much stuff not enough room

hetz152781d ago

and a plethora of confusion lol

showtimefolks2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

i don't think that's saying much when considering both MS and sony either didn't have a lot to show or held something back. Sony i felt like for some reason didn't want to announce some big AAA to over shadow their psp2 announcement

MS as usual are happy with kinect and more power to them but if they keep that up expect what happen to wii now where the sales slowed down a lot. So either MS learn from this or a new MS console coming soon enough 2012 maybe with built in kinect.

I have never bought a nintendo console since N64 and even than i returned it days later for ps1. but i still remember my childhood days with snes and genesis. when i got back from work and SAW THE HD ZELDA i was like SOLD.

and it seems like we don't have to use motion controls this time there is a regular controller with thumb sticks and buttons so very excited.

and reggie said on g4 afterwards that the peice will be almost the same when wii launched how much was that? 249?

overall both sony and MS should have showed more and nintendo showed great stuff. 3RD party wise UBI and EA did a great job too with their games

one thing i don't understand sony usually have e3 conferences where it take them about 2hrs to talk about everything and now when they had a new console they were down to 90minutes why?

what will be the launch window for nintendo take a guess everyone i think mid 2012?


regiie said it can do full 1080P. yeh i want to know more too. maybe it would be smart for them launch this in march 2012 with:

mass effect 3
and whatever other 3rd party titles that can come up with along with few from their own 1st party. but if they can launch with ME3 i think that will give them a big boost.

is the new bioshock gonna come out on this too?

Proeliator2781d ago

It's most definitely an interesting, unique, innovative technology and I'm eager to get my hands on it.

But we need to know what's going ot be on it and how it's going to be different; I want new IP, not Assassin's Creed a year late.

gaminoz2780d ago

That controller/screen looks rather uncomfortable...I'll be waiting on this one to see it in the flesh