Guitar Hero III's wireless guitar battery pack costs you more moolah

For all the innovation that the "new-gen" of consoles have brought us, there's one thing that will apparently never change: ridiculously over-priced accessories. Giving the wireless Guitar Hero III controller a feature it should have had from the get go is the $19.99 single recharge kit, which removes the need to use and dispose of single-use batteries. This continues on from the precedent that Microsoft set with its wireless controller, which only comes bundled with a case to stick a couple of AA batteries inside. You can grudgingly pick up this necessary but over-priced accessory on October 31st from Red Octane's store.

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Jdash244874d ago

thats ridiculous, it should just come with rechargeable batteries built in, and a usb cable to plug in to the console for it to charge

ReBurn4874d ago

That's why you should buy rechargeable AA batteries. They can be used for many things and you don't have to line the pockets of companies like this.

Mikey_Gee4874d ago

Either buy AA rechargables, or what I do is go to my local Costco and buy AA's in bulk. It works out to about 39 cents per battery.

I Call 9MM4874d ago

For cheap AA batteries, go pick up one of those large 6 volt batteries (the kind you use for large flashlights) and cut it open. Voila, a bunch of AA batteries for you to use. And these batteries are cheap. Hope that helps you all.

BrownPowerzz4874d ago

I heard those batteries contained 4 non-standard batteries!!

Skerj4874d ago

Yeah that's on metacafe and I saw a few people open those up and get 4 weird batteries as well.

I Call 9MM4874d ago

And as if they couldn't either include the battery or at least make it compatible with the standard 360 battery pack. Oh well, whatever. All these companies truly care about is making more money after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.