Lego City Stories Announced: First WiiU Game

At its E3 2011 press conference today, Nintendo revealed Lego City Stories, the first ever game for their new console, The WiiU. The game will feature open world game with action humor and lego vehicles. Lego City Stories will be coming to WiiU and Nintendo 3DS.

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SilentNegotiator2689d ago

It looked like Lego Theft Auto to me. The HUD, the vehicles, lol.

SilentNegotiator2689d ago

LOL, yeah, I just caught that! "City Stories"

EYEamNUMBER12689d ago

the weird thing is people have been wishing for a LEGO GTA for a long time

sikbeta2689d ago

I saw a [email protected] Lego and also in the corner a map and that was the first thing I thought lol

fatstarr2689d ago

same here, it might be the next gta spinoff hahah ppl been askin for this for a while

Shadow Flare2689d ago

When your character goes to a cop and grabs him, the cop goes: " of me"

............/exits the forum

CoreGamer2689d ago

Seemed random to me, about as appropriate as those Kinect games showed off at MS conference.

ChickeyCantor2689d ago

at least you play this with a "REAL" controller...

see what i did there?

FlashXIII2689d ago

Thought it was funny how nearly nobody clapped for this announcement.