FroogleGeek: The PlayStation Vita Needs A RTS – Why It Would Work

Cody from wrote:

"The PlayStation Vita was debuted last night at Sony’s E3 keynote. It will have dual analog sticks, with an OLED touch screen as well as a touch sensitive back panel. When they showed of Drakes Uncharted for the PSV I was blown away, the game looks like it belonged on the PS3. With a $250 price tag stateside for the WiFi only model it should have no problems competing with Nintendo’s 3DS. The Vita is supposed to further connect gamers when they are away from their home consoles and that makes me assume there will be good online multiplayer functionality for it."

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Xof2691d ago

My thoughts:

1. It's bad-form for a writer to engage his or her audience: the writing should stand on its own. All the more so if the writer is attempting to encourage discussion that the article itself was unable to inspire.

2. It's only been six hours.

3. The argument isn't entirely sound. The Vita doesn't really bring anything new to the table: any RTS would suffer the same flaws here as it would on any console--namely, that the precision of control necessary for detailed real-time strategy games requires a number of things, first and foremost being a simple, efficient and precise method of control. Analog sticks and a touch screen will never come close to equaling a simple mouse.

Furthermore, as a concept, the RTS is all about controlling large battles--which means large areas, and allowing the player to quickly and easily see everything that's going on. For that, you need a mini-map--which requires a higher resolution and screen size than the Vita can offer.

At best, the Vita would be slightly more suited to casual, squad-based real-time-tactical-combat games (like Company of Heroes) than other gaming consoles. But the RTS will never find a "new home" on consoles of any kind, least of all portable consoles. It's a PC genre, and nearly a dead genre, at that.

Odion2691d ago

I would strongly disagree that its a nearly dead genre, Total war, Civ, Starcraft, Warcraft, Company of Heroes all do amazingly well.

Also you are correct, most people don't realize that to actually play an RTS takes both the speed and accuracy of the mouse as well as the keyboard, hotkeys are just as important.

Xof2691d ago

Civ isn't an RTS.... and Warcraft hasn't been an RTS since 2003. It's a dying genre. Yes, there are a few holdouts like Total War, but the genre has nowhere near the vitality it did a decade ago.

Mostly this is because, I think, of the decline of PC gaming as a whole, and the dependency of RTS games on the PC platform.