E3 2011: Who Won E3?

With the three main press conferences over the inevitable question arises: Who won? Well I'm going to break down the big three and see if I can come to a decision.

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Uncharted3Goty2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Sony did Hands down

Joni-Ice2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Nintendo did. Sorry. Sony second place.

Edit: This new console is BIG. Its one thing if they keep with the same type of Wii games but they are bringing Sony and MS types of Hardcore games making Wii U a strong contender in the war to become the front runner for our livingroom. Everybody considered the console war mainly Sony and MS but now Nintendo is a contender.

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Will-UK2691d ago

how they focused on a horrible controller yet again and said nothing on console specs

Oner2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

It's a hard question to answer straight out.If you go by "WOW" factor it would probably be Nintendo for Wii U...but that is something for next year (most likely Holiday 2012), so now knowing that information, it has to be Sony that won. Simply because they have the PS Vita coming THIS year along with NUMEROUS games THIS year.

The one thing I am going to also add is that I think Sony can have the real jump here...because if you think about it the PS Vita should (in theory) do/offer the same exact innovation that the Wii U controller has showed (in terms of connectivity & interoperability).

The difference being is that Sony has it THIS year. It's something people really need to start pondering, discussing & having an open mind about.

Commander_TK2690d ago

EA won. They'd kept showing games instead of bla bla bla talk.

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qface642691d ago

they all sucked

someone smack the retard who said this was going to be the biggest E3 ever

Jamzluminati2691d ago

qface, you have earned a bubble.

-We are watching

EYEamNUMBER12691d ago

i agree i CANNOT believe i actually got sucked into all this BS hype

this was the worst E3 in a long while
overall all around im giving this E3 a C

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news4geeks2691d ago

yeah easily and sony's was a grade B at best. What a joke of an e3. Microsoft and Nintendo can kiss my ass. People here probably know me as being harsh on sony but they just annihilated the competition.

xPhearR3dx2691d ago

lol are you kidding me? Sony didn't have shit this year. Dust and Sly Cooper, oh joy.

badjournalism2691d ago

With Nintendo's prerendered BS videos and HD upgrades of Wii shovelware? Other than that all they showed was that they finally caught up to the PS3 and 360 with a console. Nothing more or less. The controller was the star of Nintendo's show, not the system.

Bboy_Haze092690d ago

Actually you forgot about Uncharted 3 Resistance 3 PSVista PSVista Games
All the move games so shut your mouth and think before you say dumbass

M4I0N32691d ago

no one won really, all were kinda disappointing :/

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dktxx22691d ago

No, E3 was very mediocre and boring this year. I'm in no way excited as a gamer. New consoles please.

Skyliner122691d ago

I think this guy's got it right. Things are looking pretty good for the future of gaming. And hey, E3 still isn't over just yet.

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