Circuit City: $197.99 Toshiba player + 5 free HD DVDs

As reported yesterday Wal-Mart has started selling the Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player for $198 in its stores but not online.

Circuit City has decided to follow and now sells the HD DVD player for $197.99 both online and in its stores.

Next week will show if even more stores will start selling the player below $200.

Players sold at the new low price also include the 5 Free HD DVDs mail in offer.

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JokesOnYou4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

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How does this have to do anything with videogame industry?
Reported by: ngg12345

you sonykids can't be serious?, this isn't your first visit to n4g right? its posted under industry news both micro and of course sony play a big part in making both next gen movie formats a revelant part of the videogame industry news, personally I would rather read news about videogames all day long vs this stupid format war stuff, but in fairness it should be either we are going to stop reporting ALL HD format news or ALL news about both formats/hardware from a legit source is acceptable, and frankly it will be a cold day in hell before sonykids stop posting news about HD DVD being dead or "OMG bluray has already won!" hmmm, OK I'm not sure but you gentlemen didn't report this GOOD NEWS for HD DVD because you favor the "other" HD format, did you?, nah of course not, how silly of me to think such a thing, my apologies, Gentlemen=


vvvv I disagree with you, your report says "How does this have to do anything with videogame industry?" as I stated above both micro and sony make it revelant because they both support two opposing HD formats, micro indirectly with a add on and sony directly since it is included in every ps3,

your report is baseless since hardware price points for bluray and hd dvd has been posted and accepted on n4g as news by gamers who are interested in these formats, at the very least you should avoid this news rather than report it, fact is this IS big news because it COULD have a significant impact on HD DVD movie sales increasing dramatically "IF", I said "IF" alot your avg joe consumers decides to pick up this player= Walmart alone already accounts for 45% of the DVD market in the US, now Circuit City is going the same route by selling these Toshiba players under $200= who are you kidding this is big news, whether or not it turns out to be the big boost HD DVD needs, we dont know, maybe I wouldn't call you a sonykid if you dont patronize me while acting as if this is some sort of sale going on down the street at some Mom&Pop corner store= we both no better.

ngg123454872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

I report news that is not worthy of news, and I'm a 'sony kid'. I guess, I could be a 'xbot', 'sony droid', 'wiitard', or many dumb tasteless fanboyish comments, when I report a topic that isn't news worthy that is pro ps3/xbox360/wii. But guess what, this news is lame, and way off topic. First of all it has nothing to do with videogame at all. It is like stating this "because ps3 has blu-ray, and hd-dvd is its competitor. And because hd-dvd is selling cheaper at circuit city, this has to be news". Hardly, then industry section should discuss how "superbad sold 31.4 million on first weekend, and this is news because sony owns colombia pictures which makes superbad". Tell me which one is more news worthy, because both use the same logic.

And please dno't call me a sony kid, becaus I report blu-ray news as lame as well.

Why did I get so many disagrees?

Antiomo4872d ago

When your a kid yourself.

jaja14344872d ago


You got so many disagrees because while this is a gaming site in general any and sometimes all news related to the tech field can be posted. Thats the point of having an industry/tech/mobile tab.

And in general the people who populate this site are interested in the tech toys that will making their entertainment center look/sound better. In any case, since its under the industry tab...what the hell is your problem with it?

Its a 198 HD player and that includes 5 movies. That one damm good deal so stop being a prissy snob and learn that 'new for gamers" doesn't always have to be about games.

Rooftrellen4872d ago

Jokes, I actually do agree this has nothing to do with the video game industry. There is a place on this site for tech, after all.

However, bluray seems to fit in industry news without objection, though it has nothing to do with the industry either, so I must say it's more than a little suspicious that this news has been reported, when the multiple news about bluray outselling HD DVD 1.5:1 is fine by the same people in this very news section.

ngg123454872d ago

Which is where it belongs, I'm complaining where it was palced, and why it was placed there. Where does the industry section becmoe rellivant, and irrellivant to games? Because sony/microsoft are made up of a many parts, almost everything is relevant. Can I state a review for backstreet boys is rellevant to industry section because of sony bmg? Can I state that Superbad sold 10x on dvd's because it is by sony studios? Or can I state how microsoft sold 5 million zune's. These are all irrelavent to the GAME INDUSTRY, and the TECH section was for what I would suspect to be geforce graphics/ 3 core cpu/ many other pc hardware things. But seeing how that doesn't matter, and instead seeing a hd dvd toshiba player being less the 200 $'s is more worthy then be it.

blackmagic4871d ago

The ps3 is a blu-ray player and the 360 has an HD-DVD add-on. Like it or not, the hd formats are strongly tied into the gaming industry.

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pwnsause4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

This is going to help boost HD-DVD sales, but for how long, I see the BDA responding to this soon BTW, the HD-A2 player is currently ranked 3 in DVD players in amazon.

jiggyjay4872d ago

The only thing they can do is drop the 40GB PS3 to $199 which they won't do at all! I can now definitely see HD DVD players being $99 on Black Friday! I might have to camp out at BB or CC for that!! If this price patterns keeps going on(Blu Ray being $200 more than it competitor) than I expect HD DVD to be standard by next year!

shmee4872d ago

That player was 250$ and nothing happened cuz it can play till 1080i and not 1080p.

BD is already the standard in Japan and Europe.Na would also give in next year. None of the Japanese manufacturers except 1/2 are supporting the HD DVD .

Transformer flopped too with 89 000 1st week sales. Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3 would be out this year . Expect some real BD fireworks

Keep dreaming unitil all your dreams are shattered this Fall.

the 100gig BD disc is also due in December


socomnick4872d ago

Well im buying one Ive been waiting for a Sub 200 dollar Hd-Dvd player it doesn't hurt that its a Toshiba thats a good brand. Cant wait to see transformers in HD.

unlimited4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

you do know that blue ray have the better end of the deal..they have way way more exclusive movies..sooner or later transformer will be on blue on it..even if you guys hate the ps3 just use it as a regular blue ray player...let the battle end..hddvd will be basiaclly be dead by the time it hit 2009..

EDIT- Also there is bond to be a few exclusive game for the ps3 you want ..i am sure of it.

socomnick4871d ago

Theres only 1 exclusive that might intrigue me on the ps3 and thats mgs 4 and im almost 100 percent sure that games coming to the Xbox 360 4 to 6 months after the ps3 release im not going to buy a console for 1 game .

wageslave4871d ago

Just a recommendation; buy the Xbox 360 add-on.

It works with your PC. When HD-DVD starts shipping as a data-format (Toshiba is including them next year..), you'll be able to move the drive.

Further, because you can move the drive, you'll be able to use Windows Media Center to stream the playback to any extender in the home. And, in this quarter, some Plasma/LCDs (HP of note) are going to start to include WMC in thier TVs.

Get the external add-on, it is more versatile.

JokesOnYou4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

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none of the BD offers are being made into a thread
Reported by: shmee

Lame: (1 minute ago)
This need not be reported as lot of threads have been created on this
Reported by: shmee

Other: (6 minutes ago)
So the myriad of Blu-ray offers is news and should be allowed, but HD-DVD stuff is spam? It's funny how things work, isn't it?
Reported by: ReBurn

Spam: (8 minutes ago)
HMV is offering 2 free BDs with the purchase of a 40 gig PS3. do we create a sales thread on this . You get 5 BD movies with the purchase of a we create stories on this ?
Reported by: shmee

shmee/nasim you are abusing the reporting system, in fact your arguement is flawed since ps3 bluray offers have been posted as legitimate news, and this news is NO different from the Walmart thread which was approved and had over a hundred comments= now all of a sudden this news "fake" "lame" and "spam" or in other words you're going to tell mommy 'cause you dont like the news=


shmee4872d ago

There are numerous stores offering numerous deals on PS3 and Blu ray. Not every deal has to be made into a thread

fredy4872d ago

get him outa here...doesn't he know this is n4g.

anything goes..

cuco334871d ago

this is for Circuit City

This is great news for HD DVD. I didn't think the HD-A2 would be the sub $200 that we were all waiting for. Maybe the Venturer or Chinese models will hit the sub $150 or, dare I say, $100 player?!

This is great for both those who want to enter HDM or want to embrace both and already have a BD player.

As for people like nasim reporting news as false, this shows EXACTLY how ass backwards this site is. He, along with others (and from both sides) should have by now been booted and banned from here but alas, the trolls still speak and apparently, according to what I read here, have the power to report news? CMON!!! It's like anything pro360, proHD DVD, etc will get sideswiped.

What is this? or!

sanderFVCKINcohen4871d ago

this is the first afordable HD player yet....and believe me, this is the opposite of gameing, where the sales of players define the sales of movies.


If Sony did not try to monopolize the Movie industry by bringing its blu-ray, for the benefit of us all we would have naturally upgraded from DVD 2 HD DVD.

Plasmana4871d ago

The reason this is news is because there has been some speculation that "price point" may be the deciding (or at least a heavyweight) factor in the Format War. In fact, $200 has been touted as a significant milestone (via the history of the rise of the DVD format) regarding the "price point" theory. Therefore, it is news to see HD-DVD getting some $200 love from major retailers.

And... Let's not pretend that Blu-Ray winning or losing the Format War has no implications for the Next-Gen War.

wageslave4871d ago

The sony kids have been spiking my stories too by "chatting" nonsense in the reporting system.

The reporting system has been comprimised by the rabid sony fans. N4G is clearly been broken by their 1-sided rhetoric.

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Cherchez La Ghost4872d ago

There have been numerous reports about Blu-Ray. Now this is a report about HD-DVD. What's the diffrence?!

JokesOnYou4872d ago

there is tons of stuff posted about bluray, I dont care but at least play fair, shmee/nasim reporting saying threads about BD offers haven't been posted before, wtf?

now he's reporting it "fake" because hd dvd is "dead", lmfao honestly its more funny to me to see him and other sonykids so desperate than anything=


shmee4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

is approving this thread when several threads on a 199$ HD DVD drive exists already.

do we make threads on a 199$ HD DVD deal of Best buy /FS/ mazon too


Transformer flopped in NA . It couldnt even beat 300s sales . It sold around 90 000 copies in the first week. HD DVD couldnt beat BD even for a single week in NA.

In JAPAN HD DVD is dead and non existent. IN EUROPE no one knows about HD DVD

In XMAS millions of ps3 owners would be purchasing BD discs and there would be millions of new BD owners (who purchase the ps3)


Snukadaman4872d ago

the most hated reporter on n4g...same horsesheit..different account..