Nintendo unveils new Zelda, first image

Nintendo unveils new Zelda for new console.

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Rainstorm812689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

If zelda looks like that, it will be amazing but i dont think it will justify a purchase.

If you dont have a Wii why buy a Wii U?

nevermind it actually IS a console

SilentNegotiator2689d ago

Turns out, it wasn't an actual game, just a tech demo.

Thanks, Nintendo. The only thing that really impressed me about the WiiU showing, and it wasn't real.

GunofthePatriots2689d ago

that was nothing more than a tech demo

batguyz2689d ago

indeed,but looking very good tho

fatstarr2689d ago

it looks beautiful none the less
and im expecting games to look like this because the technology can pull this off its capable of that.

BeastlyRig2689d ago

hmmm well Nintendo is about make a Sh!t load of money! with no competition!

Rainstorm812689d ago

no competition?, who wants a home only handheld? Its just a controller, they said controller a million times.

Its fate will be the same as wii motion plus

DeFFeR2689d ago

New console...

Wii can't run HD graphics... they need a new console to do that...

THINK before you type.

Rainstorm812689d ago

im going off what was shown buddy, the HTC evo can display hd why not this?

But thats different huh?

Eamon2689d ago

Actually I don't blame the people who didn't get that the Wii U has a console itself and isn't just a controller because Nintendo didnt explain it properly.

I also thought it was a controller by itself at first. But it has it's own new console that's apparently more powerful than 360 and PS3.

DeFFeR2689d ago

They went from screen to handheld quite a few times... that's a new console. The graphics on the television were HD... that's a new console.

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Troll-without-Bridge2689d ago

Reggie said that wasnt actually a game.

tweet752689d ago

i bet there will be a zelda game on wii u sometime during its life

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The story is too old to be commented.