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jonboi242689d ago

so how much is that controller going to cost, like half the price of the actual system?

WhittO2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

They are going to confuse the casuals with this.

Many will think this controller is another portable gaming system, but it's just a controller with a screen on it, how pointless is that!

PS Vita will own that by itself, just by being able to play it's games fully on PS3 then being able to transfer progress to the cloud and carry it on with the PS Vita wherever you go.
That is what people will think "Wii U" (really, people thought PS Vita was bad!?) does, but it is just a controller with a screen stuck to it.

--Also, will this mean games will now be made to run well on that small 6" screen!?

colonel1792689d ago

The Wii is officially dead. Just like MS did with the Xbox. They didn't even announce one game.

SpLinT2689d ago

they announced a new smash bros will be made

fluffydelusions2689d ago

Announced is the keyword. When will it come out?

PSWiiKing2689d ago

will be release this holiday.

Peaceful_Jelly2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

that's it? This crap was even worse than MS's conference and by a huge margin!

No Zelda gameplay, no game presentations at all, just Reggie talking and talking and talking... That guy can sell ice in Alaska.

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GunofthePatriots2689d ago

How can you be announcing a new console (or whatever) and lay out a completely boring presentation

trikster402689d ago

Because the console itself was boring? yay, they got a whole bunch of 3rd party developers they hugely ignored on the wii, convinced them to port their 360/ps3 games that are coming out this christmas, and put them on their new console a whole year after most gamers would have already played and forgotten them.

They'll get initial 3rd party support and then forget about them like the Wii.

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