Sony Press Conference Report Card

GameSpot - If there's anything that particularly stuck out about Sony's E3 2011 press conference, it's that the company has an absolutely staggering amount of content; and if you're a current PlayStation 3 owner or if a PlayStation Vita--the official name of Sony's new handheld--is in your future, then there's plenty to be excited about. But because of all the content, Sony's conference lacked focus, which not only resulted in the company attempting to cover as much ground as possible, but it also left left little opportunity for some key games to standout from the rest of the pack. Even time spent on Sony's diehard support of 3D could've been appropriated better as a Twisted Metal demo or at least a few seconds of Last Guardian footage inserted in one of the many sizzle reels.

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Joni-Ice2693d ago

Great score. I think Nintendo has an A, Sony B, MS, C.

-Mezzo-2693d ago

Nintendo was B at best.

Nintendo = B
Sony = B
Microsoft = WTF Was That SH*T.

Crystallis2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

LMAO..funny....... bubbles.

metsgaming2693d ago

Sony B
Ninendo B-
Microsoft ROFL

2693d ago
NukaCola2693d ago

Reading this report card, I am seeing the remark 'too much variety' hidden in the words. LoL.Keep the content flowing Sony.

nix2693d ago

it was a good show by sony. only problem was that "we" anticipated too much by ourselves.

Nintendo's was full of confusion... first it was the overlapping of speech then the full show about the controller and not even a word abt the console.

MS was about kinect. kinect. and disney.

sikbeta2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Sony = B+
N = B
MS = kinect = A for stockholders/ C- for the hardcore gamers :P

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HeavenlySnipes2693d ago

Nintendo - B
(Would have been B+ or A- if they actually showed the new console instead of the controller)

Sony - A-
(Everything was great, wanted to see more ICO, Twisted Metal and what happened to Socery?)

Microsoft - C

(Mass Effect Voice control for combat was cool so was the Ghost Recon thing. Showed Gears as expected and then pushed TWO Halos to try and get moar money. Then showed COD for 10 minutes to waste time.)

mindedone2693d ago

I didn't watch,but is the voice control something that can't be done with a mic?

showtimefolks2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

sony B+
Nintendo B
Konami C+

capcom is still going on so we will see

this E3 has been super boring where UBI brought their guns and everyone else brought swords

Problem is we have so many leaks,rumor articles,podcasts and e3 predictions articles that by the time we get to the show:

A....either we already know everything
B....we are so hyped that a company can't meet our exceptions

best of E3

nintendo's suppose new console which we only saw the controller for

sony's price was a bombshell for NGP

UBI's 3 games

future soldier

EA showed everything they were suppose to very sloid conference

under rated games of E3:

insomniac's new game
gearbox's new take on brothers in arm

TBM2693d ago

after watching the nintendo presser id rate it a B maybe B+ same as Sony with M$ a D.

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Nes_Daze2693d ago

I agree with Mezzo, Nintendo and Sony Bs, and MS....I don't know maybe a C-

SilverSlug2693d ago

Sony did great, I wanted more PS3 content but they blew the Vita out of the park.

fatstarr2693d ago

as much as a nintendo fan i am
i say they got B as well

this e3 was horrible but memorable.

Microsoft got D imo

beast242tru2693d ago

its a good grade sony had a good showing vita really suprised me price and capabilities and lots of great games for the ps3 i thought nintendo would have gone more all out on the wii u WOW wii u???

Sony= B

Microsoft= D

Nintendo= C

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