Minecraft on 360 'won't be a straight port,' not developed by Mojang

Never one to shy away from community interaction, Mojang head Markus "Notch" Persson answered fan questions yesterday about the just announced Minecraft on Xbox 360. While he'll remain attached to the project as a game designer, the port is being handled by a separate, unnamed console dev. Notch notes "the programmers have done several console games before," but adds that he can't reveal what studio it is just yet. He also revealed it "won't be a straight port, though it's unclear what that means just yet.

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Tommykrem2782d ago

If it had been a straight port it wouldn't have worked. Maybe with a controller AND Kinect, but not with Kinect alone. That would be very tiresome and probably impossible.

Bladestar2782d ago

This game controls are not different than most games 3D games. As matter of fact this game has very simple controls. Kinect is not even required though microsoft will do wherever it takes to integrate it which I hope is optional. A shooter has more complicated controls and developers managed to port it just fine.

I play this game a lot on the PC and is a great sandbox not much needs to be changed. I think with xbox live, game invites, party invites and maybe some graphic improvement it can be epic. The original developers did a great job making the concept; you have to suck to make it suck.

Tommykrem2782d ago

Yeah, I know. I've played it a lot too. And most 3D games with first person, or third person that requires you to maneuver and do other things won't work with Kinet. At least not what I know. Maybe you can walk in one spot or something, but I doubt it. It'd work fine with a controller, so if this is Kinect only then you have to be good to keep it as good.

lucifon2782d ago

It's cross platform with the PC version so must be pretty close.

lucifon2780d ago

Listen to the GiantBomb podcast, first day of E3.