E3 2011: Did Sony Just Lose as Agent Remains a Mystery? writes: The Sony camp were impressive also, but were more of the PS vita. You can’t question their reason, because it’s a new and hot device and it sure needs some breathing space to allow for all the needed hype it can get.

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wazzim2692d ago

Tretton said Agent is probably not exclusive anymore, love to see N4G's reaction lol.

fluffydelusions2691d ago

But take two said it was a few minutes later so..

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Sunhammer2691d ago

Jack Tretton didn't actually say that, though. Some website misquoted him and now people like you and this website are being retards.

If Rockstar shows Agent, people will just wait for that instead of buying L.A. Noire.

Common sense. Expect the announcement in 2012.

jdfoster002691d ago

Finally! Found some one with common sense!

guigsy2691d ago

Yes he did, I know because I saw it on GTTV live stream. When asked "Is Agent still exclusive?" he replied with "I don't know, you'd have to ask Rockstar".

I know that doesn't mean it's definitely multiplatform, but they made a pretty big deal about it being Sony exclusive, so coming back with "I don't know" implies that knows it isn't exclusive anymore.

mandf2691d ago

Reading or listening is not yours or african gamer websites strong point. Take 2 spoke at E3 about Agent still being exclusive. Africangamers website has always been biased and makes stuff up.

Drekken2691d ago

All R* games feel the same. Who cares at this point. If I want something over-hyped I will buy a snuggie.

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AngelicIceDiamond2691d ago

These articles are gonna give me a headache.

FlashXIII2691d ago

Now would this make Sony lose? Poor 360 owners need as many new great game announcements as they can get. God forbid they don't wanna be stuck jumping up and down with the sesame street crew.

5119ent2691d ago

I tire of these ghost games...

Alos882691d ago

Exclusive or no, I just want info on this thing.

jukins2691d ago

im half expecting the same open world ,ala red dead grand theft and the recent la noire, with spy elements replacing the old west, present day, or recent past.

Pintheshadows2691d ago

I'm hoping for some corporate espionage. Sneak into an office to steal incriminating documents on a companies shady dealings. I'm hoping for a R* stealth game. I'm not sure about open world. Part of being an espionagist? is travelling the world.

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