How to stream to the PS3 using Windows Media Player

At the below link, you will find a way to stream media from your computer to the PS3. This feature allows you to save space on the included hard drive so you can download more games and demos. It is a great tutorial and well worth the look.

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GoD_tattoo4879d ago

The date of the original post is 05/23/07. Bit old don't you think?

Omegasyde4879d ago

For 360 and ps3 users.

You can use this program to stream all formats to your consoles (360 and ps3 only).

Works better than Windows Media too.

crazymad594879d ago

i've tried everything and i cant get tversity to find my ps3 though

khellendros14879d ago

You shouldn't have to find your PS3 in the program. Just set Tversity to active or share and your PS3 will find it. Make sure and check your firewall if you have one.

BrotherSic4879d ago

Cheers Omegasyde for the tip, trying TVersity now

Wytche4879d ago

I hate Windows Media Player so TVersity is very useful for me
Did have a problem with it but this was caused by a binding issue on one my network cards so if you have trouble getting this working and have more than one network card in your PC, check the FAQ/troubleshooting guide where it mentions TCP binding order.

DZNetworks4879d ago

Is so desperate for news on the ps3 they will resort to posting message board forum postings. Sad.

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jack who4879d ago

teh power of teh cell..

SmokeyMcBear4879d ago

dude, ive been doing this for over 4 months now.. its really really really really easy

ENNO4879d ago

its a good few months late..that trainee is and idiot for not checking the date..sine tips are total crap!

jerkstore4879d ago

Wow, what a great and intelligent comment.


ENNO4879d ago

Shut up TRAINEE...HAHAHA!!!!

jerkstore4878d ago

Oh look, you discovered the CAPS LOCK button. Pretty soon, you'll find out where babies come from.

Jesus, who let the morons loose?

stennexxx4879d ago

I use Nero especially Nero 8 to stream videos to my PS3 on the go. Its called transcoding. As the video is being streamed, it is automatically encoded to a compatible format for the PS3 in this case mpeg1 or 2. Nero also does a good job of streaming photos and music files. The winamp is does an ok job too i am still trying to stream shoutcast to the PS3 they said it can do that. This would be cool because i would be able to remotely use my PSP to listen to winamp. Anyway windows media is very limited when it comes to video actually it sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.