Barrel Roll! Podcast #119 – “Dial 1-900-Kirby”

When you inevitably get stuck on the master of all difficult game’s games, just give him a ring and he will be right there to help you solve those game tapes! ($2.99 for the first minute, $1.99 for each additional minute).

If you like SHMUP’s, then strap in. Even without an official “SHMUP Chat” segment, this episode is packed with more SHMUP’s than you can handle. Boxcellios II, Silpheed: The Lost Planet, and Shmusicup. Jonah even gets in on the action since he was able to give Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition a try.

Not a SHMUP fan, or don’t even know what the crap I’m talking about? Fear not! Jesse also gives us the scoop on Fast Racing League while Jonah talks about his further adventures in Valkyria Chronicles and Mighty Milky Way. Adam has given into the craziness of Just Cause 2 while Adam 2 explains Farbs’ latest, Captain Jameson (still in Alpha).

As usual, the guys also talk about the week’s new releases and the news, but this week we also talk a little about what we are/were hoping to see from this year’s E3 (SPOILER: it’s not much). So sit back with your favorite drink, relax, and enjoy this extra long, extra action packed one-hundred and nineteenth episode of “Barrel Roll! A Video Game Podcast”. Operators are standing by!

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