DLBTV - E3 Microsoft Press Conference Recap

DLB gives a quick rundown on the Microsoft Press Conference, what were the surprises and what were the major failures to the conference? Find out here!

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Joni-Ice2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Great Video, However Tomb Raider does look like Uncharted. Yes Tomb Raider was out first but not with those graphic.

GoldPS32743d ago

I would be happy if TR was like UC. I would like to play more games like UC.

Dart892743d ago

Yea Tomb Raider looked good but her moaning threw me off it sounded like she was in a porno flick:D.

B1663r2743d ago

If you are reading... Get an extra set of lights, and light that background separately from your self. That way that shadow won't be floating there. Then get yourself a copy of vegas video and throw some video of stills up in post production there on the left of the screen.

But other than that, nice screen presence!