IGN UK Podcast E3 Special: Modern Warfare 3 Vs Battlefield 3

Picture the scene: three men are huddled in a hotel room in downtown LA. One is sat on a bed restlessly fiddling with his phone while other two sit around a contraption covered in knobs. It's probably not particularly unusual for such a vignette to play out in the city of Angels, but when the threesome in question are Alex, Tom and Sad Dan it can only mean one thing – it's the first IGN UK E3 2011 Podcast Special!

Indeed, the Three Amigos have upped sticks and set up camp in the glamorous surroundings of a swanky LA hotel. Well, it's not that swanky, but it does have Japanese toilets which, for the unitiated, can provide a pleasant surprise after you've dropped the kids off at the pool.

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