Official BF3 MP Details Arise

new details emerge about battlefield 3 multiplayer components.

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Dart892874d ago

So who's gonna make their dog tags nice and pretty so i can take them from you after gutting you:D??

joydestroy2874d ago

i'll see you on the battlefield, my friend =)

SpLinT2874d ago

im camping with a sniper come find me

ddkshah2874d ago

I wouldn't call sniping camping. In real life snipers should and will ONLY camp. I hate snipers as much as the next person but there is a reason there are snipers in a game and they should camp.

PRHB HYBRiiD2874d ago

Bi pods for the 50 cal...epic...and i really like the animations when killing an opponent in close combat also september release??? october beta :o i need moh why did i sell it? whyyyyy?!!!

sprayNpray2874d ago

nice the you can disable enemy vehicles if you lack the means to destroy them out right.