Halo 3 Easter eggs: 21 of the coolest hidden treasures in Halo 3

Learn about all of the hidden Easter eggs in Halo 3. What is there to find? Only a hidden heaping of nudity, public indecency, love letters, coded symbols, mysterious music, creepy characters, pop culture references (Mario? Seinfeld?) and other inside jokes - some hilarious, some plain bizarre - left behind by the game's sneaky creators.

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Daxx4869d ago

That cave man easter egg is freaky! >_<

stunt2134869d ago

wow there is no wya in hell someone can find that without a guide

mgbass134869d ago

Hidden heaping of nudity?

Skizelli4868d ago

Pretty neat, but I wouldn't call #20 an easter egg since there's several tags that are "reserved", such as Z00, P00, J00, A55, etc.

FiveShot Bandit4868d ago

Unlike A55, J00 and P00 which could be deemed vulgar, I17 is a reference to the chief

although i dont understand why Z00 is on there...

Mattey4868d ago

N64 is also reserved, but you can use P33 (pee)

theoneandonly4868d ago

Those other games look great and all, BUT I THINK I JUST WITNESSED A GOD-LIKE GAME!!!!!!!!!! =D

This is the first time I've seen such an unbelievable game exclusive to one console in more than 5 years. This game is SO AMAZING, it makes me want to buy another 360 from JAPAN & play only THIS GAME ON BOTH CONSOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is now the sixth time I have watched this trailer, and oh man, I want to buy a 360 to play this game NOW!!!!!!

This game reminds me of an epic film, filled with everything. My friend Karai in Japan is buying a 360 just to play this game.
Its like Star Ocean but even more unbelievable, proving that games are far from dead. They are about to get a full revival thanks to this game.

I predict this game sells over 2 million copies worldwide, and I'm not kidding, because I also predict a whole lot of people who never seen a 360 before are going to get one because of this game.

Move over Final Fantasy, there's somebody else taking over!!!!!!


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