Dust 514 Eve Online Players Left Out

Sony and CCP announced yesterday details about the new MMOFPS Dust 514 and while the concept sounds amazing, CCP completely dropped the ball by making it a PS3 exclusive title.

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fatalred alarm2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

agreed i was looking forward to playing this on my xbox360 and when i logged in on eve online today it said with big letters DUST 514 ps3 exclusive.

I was like, what?, read it again but it does say ps3 exclusive..

EDIT: Just noticed the picture says DUST 415,

fatalred alarm2875d ago

IT's probably because of the fact that xboxlive is a closed network.

DeadlyFire2875d ago

Microsoft's fault. Not CCP's as their plan was for PS3/X360.

NewMonday2875d ago

same problem with Steam support, blame her is on MS

Persistantthug2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Microsoft has shown several times over that they are not particularly interested in MMO's on their XBOX 360.

This is one of those games where it could have been cool to have some cross platform play between the PS3 and XBOX 360.....could you imagine the FANBOY WARS we could have all had? I could have been Epic.


telekineticmantis2875d ago

anything on a forum as great as what you just said.

fatalred alarm2875d ago

Because they said it was a xbox exclusive at first morron.

Persistantthug2874d ago

We're just talking video games here.

And, I've been following this game for 2 years now (I used to be an EVE player), and I've never seen or heard CCP imply that this was an XBOX 360 exclusive. In fact, to my knowledge, it's always been pitched as a game for PS3 and XBOX 360. The problem is, is they've always said that they want to tie this game into their game and their servers in REAL TIME.

So right there, means that they were gonna have to butt heads with Microsoft because even EA had to fight to get their servers on XBOX LIVE at one point, so I don't really see them giving CCP their "seal of approval".

I'm sure CCP will do more commenting as time goes on.
And hopefully we get more games like this to put pressure onto Microsoft's shoulders so one day we can all play together, regardless of the platform.
That would definitely be epic fun.

omicron0092875d ago

I just don't get what CCP was thinking, at least make it PC and PS3.

MidnytRain2875d ago

Their desire to do this is obviously based on the integration between PC and PS3 gamers, which is a pretty rare concept save for a few titles. They probably felt putting it on PC would undermine cross-platform play.

"I’m sure the percentage of Eve Online players that also own a PS3 is most likely not very high."
"My only assumption on that is that most Eve Online players most likely prefer PC games to consoles and probably don’t have a PS3."
There are many gamers who own both a PC and a PS3.

"MMO tiles on consoles have not had a good track record thus far with success..."
Wasn't DC Universe Online released not too long ago? I'm pretty sure that's doing well. MAG did well, too.

lochdoun2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

$ony wrote them a check and paid them off.
Another first person shooter... typical.

redDevil872875d ago

Yeah, its not like MS. . . Oh wait didn't they just announce ANOTHER Halo trilogy.

TenSteps2875d ago

Another trilogy? Next thing you'll be telling me they'll remake the original.

MinusTheBear2875d ago

Haha you guys totally got him.

fear882875d ago

Says the guy with the (overused) Master Chief avatar.

mrv3212875d ago

The check consisting of the word


EA had to SUE Microsoft to allow dedicated servers.

FredEffinChopin2875d ago

Hello teenage boy from middle America.

The dollar sign in Sony doesn't work the same way dude, they aren't quite the industry bullies that their competition are when it comes to use of the wallets. That's why you never saw it (mis)used before today. It's also why you don't read stories about devs taking Sony money in turn for exclusivity, or to abandon exclusivity. Not their style. But whatever helps you sleep in your Master Chief PJs at night.

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Mr-Dude2875d ago

Sony learnt from MS....
They pull a big bag of cash on every game they can...
DLC 4 COD...GTAIV...etc...etc...
They should BUY a studio, like Sony does
Thats why Sony will remain number 1 in profiding games for their consumers.

If u disagree, tell me why?

MidnytRain2875d ago

This is N4G; someone WILL disagree with you and they WON'T tell you why. Likely because they don't even have reason.

TenSteps2875d ago

Yup. Do you guys still label them as the disagree fairy. That's what I remember them being called when I was more active here on the mainsite.

Cerberus21252875d ago

But they do have a reason,they're fanboys,it's not a good reason,but one none the less.

Nes_Daze2875d ago

rule #1 you don't talk about the disagree club.

TenSteps2875d ago

So the fairy's unionized and formed a club then

Mr-Dude2875d ago

HAHA, Yeah i see...
They are like ninja's sneaking in the dark en pressing the disagree button!

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Focker4202875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Its funny that MS now have no exclusive timed DLC except for the CoD map packs. Sony are now the ones providing exclusive content. With Battlefield 3 you get Battlefield 1943 for free, and with Bioshock Infinite you get the original Bioshock for free. As well as exclusive content for 4 EA games, such as SSX (Mt. Fuji) and Need for Speed The Run (7 supercars).

FredEffinChopin2875d ago

I'll tell you why. Because somehow it usually winds up going public when MS pulls out their bribe bag for exclusive content or game exclusivity, timed or otherwise. This is known as a tactic of theirs. The fact that Sony has exclusive content now though, doesn't automatically suggest that they're doing the same thing. That's a giant assumption, and the first reason I disagree. I can't recall a single time hearing that they pulled out the old money bags to rob the other guy of content. If it has happened, it's not frequent enough to make it the go-to excuse when they snag exclusivity.

Secondly, this is an MMO with cross platform capabilities, which is not something that the Xbox doesn't seem open to due to the closed nature of XBL. When coming up with reasons why this game isn't on both consoles, that is the most likely reason.

As far as things like the Cole character in SF vs Tekken, I'm sure it's like MK9, or Soul Caliber when it did exclusive characters for each version.

Frak2875d ago

Just the DUST announcement kills whole micro e3 conference boy

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