E3 2011 - The Death Of The Middle

A few months ago, Cliffy B said 'The middle-class game is dead.' It sparked a heated debate online , first about what the hell a middle class game actually is, and then whether or not he was correct. Well, looking at the first day of E32011, seems that the Cliffster might have hit the nail on the head.

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noxeven2743d ago

so very true but the gems that do come out of middle class are almost always briliant. like deadly premonition for instance what a great game.

nilamo2743d ago

I always try to buy new IP games. The latest games I've bought are vanquish, bayonetta, enslaved, demon's souls, alan wake and i'm planning on getting la noire as well. I'm also constantly looking at new games on live arcade. It's a shame most people forget these games even exist and only talk about the latest COD game.

jbiz3302743d ago

it'll come back around once the economy perks up.. People are just too afraid to take risks and its hard to blame them. No one likes getting laid off because you make a good game that might not sell that well.

Lich1202743d ago

Thats the nail on the head. Everything is so volatile right now that if its not a sure thing publishers aren't biting.