Secret of Pokédex 3D QR-Codes uncovered

How to uses Pokémon in 3D via Pokédex 3D? There are special QR-Codes you need to use. Here are some examples and one with an undiscovered Pokémon.

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Sorano2692d ago

Some cool examples there. Nice program, at least for free.

portablegaming2692d ago

It is a question mark? Missigno?

al-burrito2692d ago

free!! nice, Nintendo!! :)

AzurePhoenix2692d ago

For free, I can't say anything against it. Though, it is kind of a useless tool, at least in my opinion.

Miroque2692d ago

I looove QR Codes! :D But by the way Nintendo have to push Pokemon in that graphic to another level of fresh gameplay...

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