E3 2011: Top 6 Disappointments of the Sony E3 Conference (No Metal Gear!)

GameXplain Says: "While Sony’s press conference was definitely better than Microsoft’s, it still felt a little lacking in places. Here’s the top 5 things we were most disappointed by.

1. Goodbye Megaton Announcement
There was nothing too terrible during the Sony E3 conference but then there was nothing too exciting too. If you weren’t an Uncharted fan or took notice at the $249/299 PS Vita price points, you could have wondered what just happened."

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coolfool2780d ago

No Agent from Rockstar was sad!

redDevil872780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

When they announced agent i bet all Rockstar had was a name. I bet the game is still way into the alpha stage :|

Washington-Capitals2780d ago

No kevin butler and no major surprise announcements or teaser trailers.

TBM2780d ago

I think they changed their program after what they saw at the Microsoft presser. Could be the reason for no be reveal at the end.

guitarded772780d ago

I thought Kojima made it clear at the Konami Pre-E3 presser that he is not ready to announce his new game, and why would he with Rising not even out yet.

Cerberus21252780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

How is it that something that kojima himself said it was not going to be on E3 is a disappointment.

Not just that,not Sony,Microsoft,or Nintendo said,hey,we have a big surprise this year,so in the end,how can I be disappointed when I was never promise a big announcement.

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newsguy2780d ago

I still have this sneaking suspicious another one is coming out...

Urmomlol2780d ago

No big announcements? Sorry, was Sly Cooper 4 and Dust not enough?

Also, Squaresoft hasn't been called Squaresoft for almost a decade. They're called Square Enix. It's also called research and copy editing. Try it sometime.

xPhearR3dx2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

IMO Dust looked terrible. I was never a big fan of Sly Cooper, so I guess you could say I agree with this article about no big announcements. Sony had such a kick ass E3 last year, but this year it was terrible.

LightofDarkness2780d ago

Sly and Dust are not big announcements. Few people outside of the "enthusiast" circles even know who Sly is.

Blacktric2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Sly 4 was announced with the teaser that came with Sly Collection. Dust 514 being exclusive is a nice thing but it's not a "big" announcement. Conference just started and finished without no megaton announcement. Only thing I liked about it was the Vita's price point. That's all. Games like Agent, The Last Guardian, Syphon Filter, Medieval and others were nowhere to be found. Last year they had an amazing E3 and had that awesome Twisted Metal announcement at the end of the show.

xPhearR3dx2780d ago

Exactly. I could care less about the price point of the Vita. People will be buying it regardless of the price (look at the PS3 launch price for example) so why people are acting like it's so f'n awesome they got a price tag is beyond me. I wanted to see another E3'10 Twisted Metal type announcement, or something even close to that.

Seraphemz2780d ago

Maybe there is some truth to the fact that Microsoft was so bad, maybe Sony didnt feel like they had to bring out the big guns to the show. Save them for later.. maybe the TGS.

For me, personally, all I cared about was the PS Vita.

hay2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Dust 514 was huge news. I was surprised that people's reaction wasn't adequate to the weight of it. Can't wait for the game personally.

Sony showed shitload of titles, new, remasters, upcoming, I think it was great E3. Not the best, but I was still impressed.
No megaton? Jesus, people expect too much.
Vita was megaton. It introduced casual way of playing hardcore games, I find it fvcking amazing. Anyone will be able to play games like Uncharted now, even people who have hard time handling conventional shooter controls.

Playstation 3DTV is really cool.
Move having support everywhere will also broaden the accessibility to hardcore gaming for more casual players. Some people are so selfish whining on it.

Remasters are in addition to variety of titles.
Sly looks absolutely amazing.

But I agree with lack of KB, he was a star of last year's E3.

Whole conference seemed like they were keeping the big guns for TGS.

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Cardenjs2780d ago

Disappointments? more like minor complaints, the show was still good. Plus the E3 is an American expose, be thankful any japs decided to show up at all. Just wait for the TGS which for the last couple of years has been better than E3.

v1c1ous2780d ago

you know "japs" is a derogatory word...

solidjun52780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I agree with V1c1ous. whether it's 1944 or 2014, it's still derogatory. I don't think Cardenjs meant it to be. But still, v1c1ous was just pointing it out.

Wizziokid2780d ago

didn't bother me, best conference so far imo
lets see how Nintendo pan out

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