Microsoft at E3: Five Biggest Fails

Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference was a bit like Elvis' hair: slick and well-presented, but with no real highlights. Too much of the focus was on Xbox Live upgrades and the fact that almost every game coming out for the Xbox 360 incorporates Kinect functionality for better or worse (usually worse), and otherwise there was quite a number of dissapointments. So without further ado, here are the five biggest lowlights from Microsoft's presser.

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Urmomlol2743d ago

This is retarded.

WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT RYSE EXCEPT ITS A KINECT GAME! FAIL! Watch, in five months the same guy will be drooling all over it and saying its a must-buy.

No --the microphone in the Kinect is not the same as the headset. Saying the verbal commands could be accomplished in Mass Effect using a head set might be true, but without evidence, it's pure speculation.

Good job, IGN.

Shackdaddy8362743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Actually Ryse was a big personal fail for me. I thought it was going to be a non kinect game(and play sorta like Skyrim). I was pretty hyped to see it. Such a disappointment...

EVILDEAD3602743d ago

LOL @ any game fan blogger on the web that could made this silliness. IGN is losing massive street cred every day..

It's hilarious to see the hypocrisy wwhen it comes to Kinect.

When it launched with games that were based on the strategy of what actually worked with the Wii gen, then people cried it has no hardcore games...theres just dance, fitness, and mini-games.

Fast Forward one year and 10 milli sold..Micrsoft shows off games and implementation uses for the device and now it's bu-bu-but why is it another Kinect game?

So this idiot at IGN is mad because Ryse is a Kinect game? Get over it..why work at a game site if your mad that a company releases an actual game for it's gaming device. Is this idiot mad at games that are made for Move or the Wii..dumb

Then he bashes the Kinect implementation for Mass Effect. The funny part about it is he's not bashing Micrsoft..he's bashing Bioware. Micrsoft had nothing to do with a developer's choice of how they use the device.

Whining that a game uses optional voice control through Kinect instead of using a headset to do the same thing is the same as whining about playing Killzone 3 with Move.

It's an alternative way to play the game and in this case it may provide the gamer a more immersive experience without using a headset to interact and direct characters with out using a headset. Just like I love the fact that I can use Vid Kinect to talk to my family without the limitations of using a headset.

As for Halo 4? Guess what IGN..not everyone heard the leak before they saw the show..but to pretend that it didn't have an impact regardless is silly. The growing 'apathy' for Halo comes from the haters and not the fans..Reach doesn't do 8 million in sales because the hater's actually because they don't.

I like IGN..but the blog is FAIL


thor2743d ago

He saw the Ryse trailer, didn't like what he saw. "Another f##king kinect game" he says. And he's right, too. Now Microsoft have kinect, expect far fewer decent games.

Voice commands can easily be done with a headset, what are you talking about. There are plenty of headsets with good enough audio quality to do voice recognition, I'd go so far as to say that any headset that isn't broken could be used to do it.

RedDead2743d ago

Headset commands have been doen in other games..such as that one...Tom clancys Endwar? RTS. Although it didn't work perfect, the Kinect one looked perfect but then again the guys voice was god like

FredEffinChopin2743d ago

Ever hear of Socom for the PS2? It can be done with a microphone. I do it on my phone every day. The Kinect mic is not necessary to do that, and that's not pure speculation.

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miDnIghtEr2743d ago

They had to try really hard to get 5 things.

gaden_malak2743d ago

"It seems ludicrous to focus all its energy on pleasing the 10 million people that own Kinect instead of pleasing the far larger Xbox 360 install base."

This is exactly the problem with Microsoft's E3 and what looks to be current strategy.

The Meerkat2743d ago

My 360 will be getting
Forza 4
Darkness 2
Gears 3
Duke Nukem
Batman 2
Halo HD
Deus Ex
Saints Row 3
Trails Evolution

Now seeing that many people can make Call of Duty Black Ops last a whole F###ing year. I think i've got enough games there to keep me going in core titles.

gaden_malak2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

How would you entice someone with Multi-plats?

Why would someone get a 360 when they could get a PS3 get those games plus more?

If you already own a 360 the incoming games are great. But if you don't, what is encouraging you to get one?
And more importantly, why should you, as a loyal Microsoft consumer, be left behind to rely on these 3rd party titles while Microsoft pushes Kinect on to everyone and focuses on it?

2743d ago
KongRudi2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

For me the press-conference where a dissapointment, I expected abit more non-kinect titles with proper gameplay shown, atleast one new IP, especially since they've not shown anything new for allmost two years.

The best showing (at Microsoft) where without a doubt the multiplatform, Tomb Raider, in my opinion..
The worst part where the endless droning about how fantastic it would be with Bing, a search engine. :P

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