Cross Game Chat Coming to PS3?

During the Sony Presser yesterday it was announced that the PS Vita would feature cross game chat a la Xbox Live, but nothing was said on whether or not the PS3 would recieve the long awaited service. Nevertheless this could be a sign that cross game chat will appear on PS3 soon.

The service will come to the PS Vita along with things like trophy support and “Near” which is similar to Street Pass on the 3DS. The cross game chat will allow users to communicate ”no matter where they are” and “no matter what game they are playing”.

Apart from that we saw one single screen of the party system, showing six PSN IDs playing multiple games in a “party room”. Next to them is speaker icon which we can assume allows the player to adjust the volume of each individual or mute them entirely, and on the right of the screen is a chat and add friend icon for additional functionality.

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Uncharted3Goty2743d ago

everyone was asking for it on the PS3 and since its on the PS Vita there is a 50/50 chance it will be there.

Cardenjs2743d ago

I had thought that Microsoft owns cross game chat on consoles, since Microsoft doesn't have a hand-held to patent anything on Sony is free to use it on the Vita

PirateThom2743d ago

Microsoft have a patent for their method of cross game chat, you can't patent something as general as "cross game chat".

Vitalogy2743d ago

Maybe it will make its appearence on the PS3 or, maybe it's a marketing play by sony to sell PSV's faster. Who knows...

Pillville2743d ago

A system has to be built with cross chat in mind. You can't retro fit it.

That's why Xbox 360, Vita and every console after will have it, and why the PS3 will not EVER.
Sorry, I'd like it as much as anyone else, but it just isn't going to happen with the PS3.

BrianG2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Now it is possible to "retro fit" it afterwards. It just takes a lot of work.

The major issue comes down to compliance. Will it work with KZ3, Madden 10, Infamous 1, Burnout Paradise. It will have to work with nearly every title.

I would also assume it would require RAM to use the feature. That is a problem for games like UC3 or KZ3 that are attempting to max out RAM for visuals, performance, 3D, etc...

Can you imagine the backlash if big named PS3 exclusives didn't use the feature?

EDIT: An effective way to do this would be to reduce the size of the OS footprint, freeing up room for the feature to be implemented.

ChilliDemon2743d ago

Retrofit? As, erm ..... like, in a firmware update?

Pillville2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Cross game chat would require both HARDWARE and SOFTWARE changes at low levels.

But that's ok, you can disagree your head off. After waiting 5 years for the feature to show up, you keep thinking that it's one firmware update away. And that Sony is going to introduce a major system change 5 years into a product's life.

It's the most requested feature and has over 2600 comments on PS blog.
and still, Sony has not even mentioned it. They just had their biggest presentation of the year and didn't even hint at it (on the PS3), even though it would have had people standing up cheering.

Nick55382743d ago

Pillville is right. As much as I'd like to see it, cross game chat is never coming to PS3, so get over it. Don't you think if it was possible it would've been implemented long ago? It's actually really frustrating that we don't have this feature since the mics don't work properly on half of the ps3 games that come out...

Skyliner122743d ago

Ohhh! I hope this is true. Man, the PSVita is looking really really good. This is just helping sell it even more.