E3 2011: Did Ubisoft Accidentally Reveal Far Cry 3 Cafe?

Dual Pixels - Project Cafe and Nintendo's E3 press conference is by far the most exciting for me, simply because leaks have been very minimal prior to their conference. Sure, there have been rumors about titles expected to appear during their press briefing, however, not all of them are accurate. It looks like Ubisoft may have accidentally shown us something a day earlier than it was supposed to be displayed.

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iamnsuperman2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I do not see this on the trailer even after watching it a third time. I say fake.

edit @below I stand corrected. I watched the gametrailers one and that is not there

Wizziokid2876d ago

you keep calling fake when things are actually there...

watch the video: 1:27 in

limewax2876d ago

Exactly, it was stated yesterday that the demo was running on a PC being played with a 360 PC controller. That said, if Cafe supports third party and matches PS3 and 360, I would imagine this game was coming to the console anyway

femshep2876d ago

well don't forget that 360 controllers have an A button....only time will tell

Reibooi2876d ago

I doubt it. Is it possible? Sure but it's also more likely that it's just a place holder in a earlier version of the game. Now if it had a button that wasn't one that could be found on the other consoles(like a Z or something) then maybe they would have something.

But as it stands it's pretty easy to imagine it's the Xbox version and they just haven't finished it up yet and the button icon was a place holder.

Wizziokid2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

It could be, or it could just be running on the 360 but not using colour indicators. MS do have those remotes which don't have colour on the buttons

but tbh I can't see this being the case as i think most, if not all games use the colours.

it could be a confirmation and if so it looks like the new Nintendo console will be hardcore! lets hope it is, I've missed Nintendo!

Oldsnake0072876d ago

Yes I also saw the A button in white. At first I only thought it a A on the keyboard but it's white and we all know who uses white colors for their face buttons.

Urmomlol2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Possible but unlikely. When he runs up and stabs a guy, it says click in right thumbstick with the icon normally used for Xbox 360 controllers.

Unless Project Cafe also uses clickable thumbsticks, of course.

Krakn3Dfx2876d ago

PS3 and 360 both have clickable thumbsticks, not a huge leap to believe Nintendo's new console will as well.

dp2774072876d ago

It does look amazing no matter what its on i'll give it that.