Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition gets Launch Trailer

Capcom released the final and last Trailer of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition that is now available on PSN, Xbox Live and PC.

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GrieverSoul2691d ago

Thanks but no thanks Crapcom!
I´ll wait for the Mega Hyper Super Street Fighter Home/Company/Mega Corporation Edition EX-ES International Worldwide Universe Complete. /s


TheBlackSmoke2691d ago

Implying that you are a fan lol.

The fans are the reason this exists. Fighting games go above and beyond all you codbro type of peoples heads. It is the one genre that can truly boast real skill and commitment and thus the games go through changes as new things are discovered and rebalanced.

Obviously you never gave a shit about SF4 in the first place because you cannot comprehend this. SF4 exists because the fans (not you) begged for 10 years.

SSF4 was created because of the fan feedback (not yours) about what needed to be addressed and added including 8 new characters and this was not even a full retail price.

SSF4:AE was created for the arcades who never received SSF4 and whilst they made this game they added more content and rebalanced further. It came to console as a DLC because guess what... the FANS wanted it.

The same people who bitch about SF are the ones who have no problem buying a yearly EA sports game, CODbro game or jizz their pants over yet another Halo game. Enjoy your easy mode lowest common denominator auto aim gaming and gtfo, your out of your depth

GrieverSoul2691d ago

For a guy with smoke in your name, you should stop inhale it because its killing your 2 brains cells leaving you with only one (by the way, 2 minus 1 equals 1 just so you dont kill the last brain cell you have left). Implying im not a fan is rude and not true. I bought SF4 on launch day. I supported the game as soon as it released. I love the game and felt let down when they released SSF4 and said SF4 wouldnt be upgradable. Campcom rushed the game and then saw a way to milk it even further by DLC already on the disc. I have been a fan of Street Fighter since it released over 20 years ago in a time when you where just a small sperm cell.

Wash your mouth before attacking me son. You dont know what you are talking about.