150° Countdown The 20 Most Influential Games of All Time, the leading website in European competitive gaming and news, have begun their countdown of the 20 most influential games of all time.

Over the next four weeks the site will countdown the games 5 at a time, complete with a full analysis at to why the games were chosen and what makes them so relevant in today's gaming world.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4873d ago

The list is bullcrap + Chrono Trigger should be in top 5.

LiQuid ArroW4872d ago

Did you notice how it counts down from 20, and does not start by revealing the most influential game? :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4873d ago

They had 62 player MP support back in 98 when most people were still on dial up and it made for some fun online play.

Marceles4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

If Goldeneye isn't on the list by the time it gets to the end, this list is irrelevant..

JasonPC360PS3Wii4873d ago

IMO Goldeneye was an ok game, it was not IMO the great game everyone says but then again when that game came out I was fraggin and taggin on the PC mostly.

fredy4873d ago

the N64 was very influential in the popularity of console FPS's.

besides Turok, goldeneye was what everyone was playing for years before halo hit the shelves.

goldeneye and halo the most popular and most played FPs's to grace consoles. unless you have another? Ok maybe gears..

What will be on there

Tetris [thats right]
Pac-Man [how can you not]
Final Fantasy [rpg]
Zelda [has to be on there]
Mario [but which one, between 1, 3 snes and n64 version]
goldeneye [has to be on there]
tomb raider [ maybe]
MGS [which one?]
Street fighter 2 turbo[SNES version]
Madden football series [king of sports games]
Mortal kombat [Finish Him]!!!

Ok I'll keep it short but 95% of these games should be on there, a little bit of every genre, as well as these games have gotten a lot of press for whatever reasons, especially Mortal Kombat.

theoneandonly4873d ago

Overhyping "HALO" and Gears isn't the best way to start things out.......the truth is if there wasn't either of those games, there would have been something "SIMILAR" enough and plenty of people all over would have picked up an XBOX....

Games like RAINBOW SIX & GHOST RECON would have still sold the system, especially with 16 player multiplayer match modes.

The real difference is that idea never came to be.....because "HALO" and GEARS were such strong successes. I can look back and say those games more than any, even RAINBOW SIX, define the XBOX platform.

Even if they are over-rated, there is no denying how they changed the industry. And they truly are close to perfection that's really hard to do.....VERY close to perfection...

With the NES and Dragon Warrior it was so much the same.....maybe it wasn't perfect, but it was close to perfection and that's what made the NES what it is today.

Lots of others like GOLDENEYE need to be put there, that's no lie!

Its a good start though....

*fingers crossed* MY BEST DREAM would be to see CHRONO TRIGGER revived on the consoles again, in CHRONO TRIGGER 3......on Xbox360 the perfect platform for it....then other CT games for all formats...

But its only a dream just a beautiful dream at that...........that series deserved more than the rest, a TRUE SEQUEL worthy of a perfect 10...... ><

Marco4872d ago

Well it's just 20 to 16 now, I am quite interested in the other 15 spots!