Far Cry 3 - Why it's Ubisoft's dark horse of E3 2011

During their E3 press conference yesterday, Ubisoft unveiled Far Cry 3 with a mammoth seven-minute gameplay trailer. Here's why we reckon it might just steal the show | FPS Tribe

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chak_2872d ago

Yeah, I liked the demo, got a real "FC-feeling" that FC2 didn't have.

PrimordialSoupBase2872d ago

It seems like they're stripping away a bit too much of Far Cry 2's ambitious design.

RedDeadLB2872d ago

That's a good thing because that game was BORING, unlike the first Far Cry, which this looks more alike to.


PrimordialSoupBase2872d ago

Boring for Ritalin popping Call of Duty gamers.

RedDeadLB2872d ago

I do not belong in that class of gamers, and I still found the game boring.

It aches when I remember the 15 minute drives, only to be run over by them savages when inches away, then having to do the whole drive, AGAIN.

PrimordialSoupBase2871d ago

Then don't get run over? It certainly bothered me the first time too, but you have to learn from mistakes.

The reason why so many people did not like Far Cry 2 is that, unlike most games, it does very little to endear itself to the player. It's brutal, unforgiving, but success is that much more sweet when it's hard earned. And to me the "Far Drive" aspect wasn't annoying seeing as the random firefights that crop up between destinations are among the most wild and dynamic of any shooter out there.

RedDeadLB2871d ago

Well, to each his own. I don't like it when a game leads my hand, but I just couldn't get into FC2 as others did.

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Valvatorez2872d ago

A hell lot better than FC2! Looks like the shooting is good this time,and the guns don't rust after bit.I hope we can fly helicopters by ourselves.This game was one of the best games at E3.

zero_cool2872d ago

I like this series & want a demo to try out soon please & thank you ubisoft!

HaHa_Ostrich2872d ago

Im fed up with jungle settings. But with Far Cry, I can do one more time :)

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