Ratchet and Clank F:ToD; Grab all 32 Gold Bolts Videos

Games Radar: "After months of anticipation, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction has finally hit the PS3, and it's... easy. Almost too easy. Even by the standards of the series. But as seasoned Ratchet fans know, playing a Ratchet game is about much more than just blasting your way straight through its storylin, and this shooty-jumpy powerhouse is no exception.

Ratchet & Clank Future is packed to the gills with hidden nooks, crannies and incentives to explore them, not the leaset of which are the Gold Bolts. There are 32 of these huge, glittering prizes scattered throughout the game's 18 levels; some are easy to find, and others stay maddeningly hidden even after you get the "Treasure Mapper" device near the end of the game. Whichever ones you're having trouble with, though, we're here to help - just click the tab at left with the name of the level you'd like to focus on, and our videos will show you exactly where to go to claim your prize".

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Violater4875d ago

ill spend the time and find em on my own :D

Qbanj694875d ago

any1 know what these are for?

I mean... what happens after you collect them? Extra levels? extra bosses? Multiplayer? (lol)

Marceles4875d ago

I wish I knew...I beat the game yesterday and there's a new challenge mode where the enemies are tougher, but you start off with everything you had when you beat the game. I'd have more of a reason to finish it again with all of the gold bolts if I felt like I was getting something out of it. Come on Home, bring on the "accomplishment" challenges.

jahcure4875d ago

If you played the first games of the series you'd know what the gold (previously platinum) bolts are for. They are just currency used to buy extra stuff. In this game's case, new skins to play as. It's a nifty little side quest. All ratchet games, all the way back to the first ratchet and clank, allow you to restart with all the weapons, however, certain weapon classes can only be unlocked after finishing the game at least once. In previous games, you get gold versions of the weapons after collecting them again once finishing the game, in another game in the series, the more powerful weapons can only be purchased after finishing the game once and getting a bolt multiplier..etc.

Ratchet and clank games are designed to be played through at least 2 times. Same with Resistance which seems to be insomniac's style.

HowarthsNJ4874d ago

The "Skill points" are already in place. Insomniac invented "Achievement points" back in the first R&C games.

MS & Sony have just added that concept to other games.