Final Fantasy Sales Top 100 Million

Square Enix revealed today that worldwide shipments of the Final Fantasy series have crossed the 100 million mark. The figure was crossed at the end of May.

The first Final Fantasy was released back in 1987. For a look back at the main entries in the series, see the Final Fantasy Historical Compendium at the Dissidia official site.

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Lovable2743d ago

I'm glad. Love this series a lot!

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Squatch832743d ago

Shipments? Sales? Pick one...

RustInPeace2743d ago

I mean, the series has been around for so long, would it be that surprising that either/or was at 100 million? I'm just surprised that it took this long to reach that number... I would have figured it would've been MUCH higher

zeal0us2743d ago

we all know ff13 did all the work.

Yes i'm being sarcastic