inFamous 2 Releases Today, Launch Trailer Is Electrifying

Just so you don’t forget in the madness of E3, inFamous 2 comes out today, and Sony’s gone live with a new Kevin Butler trailer, plus the game’s official launch trailer.

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Baba19064264d ago

friday in switzerand i think.... some more waiting sadly =D

Pintheshadows4264d ago

Yup same in England. Was hopeful i'd get it today but no luck.

Mikelarry4264d ago

and as god is my witness i shall enjoy this awesome sequel

Pillville4264d ago

The new Wal-mart that opened last week in Lima, Ohio had Infamous 2 on the shelves all last week.

They probably did it on accident since it was a new store opening and they had just filled every single shelf in the store.

I thought about buying 5 copies and selling them on eBay, but I didn't.

Falaut4262d ago

F*ck the trailer! GET THE GAME!