New Starhawk gameplay, direct from E3

[email protected]: "After the Playstation E3 press conference, attendees were able to go 'backstage' into an arcade area, to test the games on show for themselves. One such title was Starhawk, the successor to Warhawk, developed by Lightbox Interactive."

More videos inside the post.

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soundslike2779d ago

that guy pulled a slick getaway there at the end. That looks like theres going to be some craaaaazy dog fights going on and lots of "almost deaths"

MintBerryCrunch2779d ago

hope they give us more freedom to customize the planes/mechs....

jack_burt0n2779d ago

you can fully cutomize character and mech/hawks game is fantastic AAA. Space stuff will be great 2.

InFAMOUS12779d ago

This looks so smooth! Lightbox have done an amazing job by the looks of things... I can't wait to give this a go.

clearelite2779d ago

My most anticipated game. Followed closely by The Last Guardian, SOTC&ICO, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Nino Kuni, Final Fantasy Verus, etc., etc.

xtremegamerage2779d ago

Looks stunning, too many great games coming out.

James Vanderbeek2779d ago

ps3 is a beast. hit agree if ya smell what the vanderbeek is cooking..

Kon2779d ago

This isn't youtube.

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