Xbox 360: Extended Warranty Information

In the service contract it states: In the rare event that the Microsoft Entertainment Device can't be fixed, they will comfort you with a replacement model.

If all else fails and their service professionals actually conclude that the consumers Microsoft Entertainment Product is beyond repair, Microsoft will provide them with a replacement including the latest features. So their Microsoft Service Contract can pay for itself several times over with this benefit alone.

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Bloodmask4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

It seems that the "Microsoft" extended warranty is still in full effect. And the fact that "Gamestop" is not going to offer their own warranties doesn't mean that Microsoft doesn't still offer theirs.

Not only that but when 360's are sent in for repairs they get all of the upgraded parts.

So basicly all 360 purchases are still covered by the Official Microsoft Warranty.

TeaDouble_E4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

I work at gamestop and we still sell warrantees for 360, matter of fact I was just trying to sell a warranty to a costumer from work but he knew that Microsoft extended thier warranty.

Edit- I just called my boss and he said we still offer the deal but we not suppose to tell them about it, we can only give the warranty if they ask !

Makroyale4506d ago

Although I forgot to when I bought mine, Halo LE... At gamestop if you can just bring your broken one in and take one home right away, that would be worth it.

unlimited4506d ago

I heard horror stories from people who send their 360 in for repairs and when they got it back the problem still existed. Its like they never even fixed the system at all. I doubt they put upgrade parts in the defective 360 they probaly fix it and make sure the console last for another year...

HarryEtTubMan4506d ago

HAHAHA Bloodgultch is such a homo LMAO... every thread I see him he's whininn or saying things that have no meaning aka NOT TRUE with 20 disagrees . You a joke dude. I just imagine a 14 year old skinny little kid LOL LOL

ruibing4506d ago

Wait but this guy simply states that he helped his nephew pack it up and that they should get it back with the new HDMI SKU, but did they actually get it back? And if so, how much hassling did they have to do over the phone?

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PimpHandHappy4506d ago

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Just the fact you say these new parts will unsure the end of hardware failure just hasnt been proving yet.

If you want to prove it get someone to run a stress test! 108hours in at all different temps!

MyNameIsNotRick4506d ago

if that's what your picture is

doomsonyman4506d ago

THE RED RING OF DEATH is costing microsoft billions LMAO

Ri0tSquad4506d ago

I want a 360 with HDMI :)

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The story is too old to be commented.