This Is Japan’s Official PS3 Keyboard

On June 30, Sony is releasing a Wireless Keyboard for the PS3. The keyboard has a PS Button, which can be used to power on and power off the PS3, just like the Dual Shock 3.

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shikamaroooo2743d ago

if Sony upgrade the web browser then i would purchase one of them

ATiElite2742d ago

Sorry but that is horrible! Your not gaming on that and your gonna loose typing speed too.

They could of easily gotten some $10 Logitech KB and stuck a Sony sticker on them and that would of been much better.

Even if it's ONLY for web browsing it still sucks as a Candy Bar KB would be better.

beast242tru2742d ago

this is nice but yea the browser need some work if it gets even as good as safari on the ipod touch ill but this

rabidpancakeburglar2742d ago

I would prefer hooking up my pc keyboard but it does look pretty good.

femshep2742d ago

ill take one for my computer.....dont need one for my ps3....but i have been wanting a new keyboard for my comp

Darkfocus2742d ago

why would you want that for a PC? it's completely flat...terrible ergonomics.....

femshep2742d ago

a normal keyborad is flat...laptops are long is it types correctly its good enough....mine is really beat up since i use it a lot like the left shift button dosn't work anymore and half the letters are worn off

Darkfocus2742d ago

a laptop keyboard is flat by necessity....only the cheapest of the cheap desktop keyboards are flat...

Octo12742d ago

Its nice but I've seen other PS3 specific blu tooth keyboards for less.

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