Halo 4 has ‘been in development for multiple years’

TVGB: "Halo 4 surprised a lot of people with today’s E3 announcement, but it would seem that Microsoft have been keeping it under wraps for a lot longer than you might think."

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FordGTGuy2876d ago

Of course it has, what do they think we are idiots?

HappyGaming2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

It would have to get Halo 4 ready before they finish Halo 3 otherwise how would the story carry on...

I don't think they would just finish Halo 3 and then try to stick a random story on top of what they built.

Edit: That was Reach but it was a prequel so it didn't really matter

Iamback2876d ago

Is it confirmed to be for 360? I didn't see the logo. Maybe it is for next xbox

user8586212876d ago

If you check the trailer on Machinima, it ends with the 360 "jump in" video

whydoyouask2876d ago

Well, i read that they have an entire book that details the entire story of Halo well past Halo 3.

This same was used to make the Halo novels.

MintBerryCrunch2876d ago

Mattrick said they are using the same engine yet again....

kind of a let down if you ask me

Daz2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

They only used reach engine in one game.
Well halo hd too but its half a game ;p

But i see where you coming from, new company e.t.c i would of thought they would of made a new engine.

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reznik_zerosum2876d ago

halo 4 was in development even before Halo:CE !

user8586212876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

This game has to be epic!!! it has to be what Halo was to the start of its trilogy, omg I cant wait! 2012!!!

Convas2876d ago

Step One in the Right Direction: Give the new studio you've given your golden goose to ALL the time, resources, and creative freedom they need.

I'm liking what I'm hearing. To Halo Fest at PAX!

Trunkz Jr2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Just like BF3, I think games that take long, get lots of polish so expect Halo 4 to be a great game.

Falaut2876d ago

I really think they should stop, and leave this IP with some dignity.

Before I get ripped on with stuff like "well what about Killzone", all I will point out is that I called total bullsh*t when that rumor was going around about GOW4, and I likes my GOW, and that's probably why.

mrv3212876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

We're getting Halo game every year, we are getting 2 this year.

The franchise is great, leave it their. I mean Halo had the entire pie, it had to share with CoD, now with Battlefield 3. It's an exclusive game so sales wise competition would have an advantage.

Ok, sorry my mistake. Halo 4 next year. That doesn't change the fact Halo is becoming a yearly fanchise.

My worry about milking is the lack of new stuff, a year in developement gives 9 months tops of actual time. That's not a lot. Halo should be once every two years at most, it's a truly great franchise.

B-radical2876d ago

getting one this year? the hd dont think halo 4 comes out till next year

palaeomerus2876d ago

Nope. You are getting one this year and one next year. Halo 4 is a 2012 title. Anniversary is this November.

I think people who worry about milking tend to ignore their own advice when they are looking forward to Metal gear Solid V and Gran Tourismo V and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and such. It's a stupid attitude that games should stop because four jerks who never even played it are worried the next one will suck.

Eamon2876d ago

Milking isn't about releasing games every year.

It's about releasing lame games under the franchise name.

You could probably call Halo Anniversary milking but Halo 4 definitely isn't.

fastNslowww2876d ago

and a better question is....IS IT RUNNING ON A ALL NEW ENGINE?!

going by an isn't, since they're so tight lipped about it. Hopefully i'm wrong.

The Great Melon2876d ago

That's the question I am wondering about also. If it is on a new engine, I really am looking forward to what 343 Industries can bring to the table.

fastNslowww2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Yep, HOPEFULLY they can also take some risks and head the game to a new direction..

Halo 4 needs a new look visually and gameplay-wise...nothing dramatic, but something fresh to set it apart.

Munky2876d ago


Which interview are you referring to?

Counter-Strike2876d ago

Halo 4 needs to keep the Halo look. It is very important for that certain look and style. Not worried though since Frank o Conor is there.

otherZinc2876d ago

Absolutely, Frank O'Connor is there. Also, there are other members from Bungie at 343 that elected to continue developing the Halo Universe.

The Halo Universe will definitely be stable.

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