EA Black Box: 'We want to win game of the show'

EA Black Box has said that it's out to "win game of the show" with Need For Speed: The Run, adding that it's "not going to be happy" if the game scores anything less than a 90 when it launches this November.

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itani2718d ago

To win game of the show, I need to be impressed, I'm not impressed.

andron2718d ago

Racing game with quicktime cut scenes. Don't think so....

Yi-Long2718d ago

... then it just means the competition has failed big-time.

It looked good, not great.

thong_pounder2718d ago

I think Battlefield will take that

Solidus187-SCMilk2718d ago

especially the on foot quicktime events which were mostly just pressing A at the right time.

MaxXAttaxX2713d ago

It was triangle, not "A".

user8586212718d ago

Lose the quicktime events....

lastdual2718d ago

Car chases + on-foot quick time events. The Run didn't look bad, but there wasn't enough wow factor for it to get a GOTS nomination.

And as far as a 90+ metascore, how about worrying about making a fun game rather than stressing over the critical reception? If all the running sections are on-rails with tons of QTEs, there's no way you're going to get that kind of score anyways.

Drakesfortune2718d ago

they are trying to do somethign new with the stale franchise so going to be open minded about it!

but ill have to see more

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The story is too old to be commented.