Destructoid review: Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure 9/10

Zack and Wiki is an absolute blast. Through a combination of normal puzzles -- though admittedly, "normal" is a bit of a misnomer in a game where people use their flying, magical monkey friend to transform deadly enemies into useful items -- and incredibly rewarding motion control scenarios, Zack and Wiki feels like something totally familiar, yet incredibly new and original. Yeah, a couple of the Wiimote-reliant bits don't work very well and the gameplay kind of slumps in the middle, but these problems are relatively minor in the face of the sheer gameplay glee Zack and Wiki has to offer. It's the best game available on the system today, and one of the best and most innovative adventure games ever made.

Don't let this become a cult classic, never to be sequelized. Consumers desperately need more games like Zack and Wiki on the Wii.

Buy it. Right now.

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MK_Red4874d ago

Zack & Wiki RULES. So far, the best Wii game along with Metroid Prime 3. Both of them are classics and are forcing me into buying Wii (A console that I absolutly dislike but Zack and Metroid... Along with Rabbids 2 are too hard to resist).

texism4874d ago

Urgh, first SMG, then Batallion Wars, and now this. My wallet cannot keep up with the rate at which these games keep coming out

Padre4874d ago

Wow, Zack & Wiki pwned Ratchet & Clank in some of the best websites like Gamespot or 1up, and now on Destructoid. Shame that the game has that horrible name.

DeckUKold4874d ago

i really thought zack and wiki was a horrible game and range from a 4 to 6 i feel so so stupid

Jammy22114874d ago

Waiting another 2 months for this to hit Europe is going to be hard, but can I say I'm sure it'll be worth every minute I'm left anticipating this game.

Great Review, although my biggest critism would be it's just left me wanting the game more :(.

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