Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Peace Walker PSP/PS3 Comparison Screenshots.

Check out some brand new screenshot comparison between Peace Walker HD and the PSP version.

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Corrwin2694d ago

Wow... what an incredibly lazy update.

Render it in HD, apply copious amounts of AA and improve texture filtering, done. Every PC gamer does this whenever they upgrade their PCs.

PirateThom2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Pretty much, that's going to be painful to play on a TV. HD remasters of PSP games need more than just a resolution upgrade, they need a proper upgrade. Disappointing to see one of the best looking PSP games get such a shoddy port.

Corrwin2694d ago

Exactly - some special features at least, perhaps the soundtrack?

Riddick: Dark Athena came with a ported and upgraded version of Escape From Butcher Bay. They didn't have to do it, but it was certainly a brilliant thing to give to the fans.

DigitalRaptor2694d ago

From the Kojima Productions website:

"Not an emulator! Optimized and rebuilt specifically for the PS3® and Xbox 360®. Not a simple port of the PSP® edition to PS3®, and features all new remastered HD graphics.

Redrawn hi-res 2D Art, effects, and fonts. New User interface created exclusively for HD resolutions."

Corrwin2694d ago

Perhaps Kojima Productions have a different idea of what "Optimized", "rebuilt", and "not a simple port" means.

Because that's exactly what the screenshots look like.

Maybe the final product will look better, but it would be a shame if we didn't get a collection that didn't have the same attention paid as God of War Collection.

DigitalRaptor2694d ago

It's being made exactly how GOW/ICO collections are.

It's being developed by the same company: Bluepoint Games!

femshep2694d ago

piece walker is in the mgs hd collection 0_o i really want it now

godsinhisheaven2694d ago

Not good enough in my eyes.

spidey12312694d ago

The torture sequence better be easier because its too damn hard for me to get past the 3rd torture sequence and im getting this at day 1.

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