A Look At The Assassin’s Creed: Revelations E3 Trailer

So Ubisoft have shown us a full-blown trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed game, but what secrets did they hide in it?

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iamnsuperman2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I thought Ezio would have to pass on the genetic memory. How can he if he dies there. Think about it he would have to have sex after this for the memory to be passed on. Apart from this can't wait for this game

Dan_Vivian2691d ago

He could of already had a child, he is looking quite old in this trailer so I'm going to say a lot of time has passed between Brotherhood and Revelations

iamnsuperman2691d ago

But this recent memory will not be passed on. How could it

TomInc2691d ago

With the child in mind you;d think he couldnt die... but you can't help but wonder what possible twists they may throw into the equation. Child present for death etc. - We never saw Altier's end.. but he apparently traces him.

So ultimately could Ezio meet his end but be shown through another descendant as it shifts on?

Eamon2691d ago

Umm, did everyone forget Ezio goes to Masyaf before he goes to Constantinople?

This could just be right at the beginning of the game since it was kinda shown he didn't expect to be shot with arrow meaning he had no idea what happened to Masyaf yet.

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MyLeadYourHead562691d ago

how do you exactly know he dies there? This is Ezio where talking about the bad ass Italian.

jamboza2691d ago

hold it hold it,....i dont think ezio had any kids as of yet, because i read in gameinformer issue 218 that he falls for a young venetian woman" that goes by the name sofia sorto, who is a bookseller, but anyways she may be the one to have his kid since so far we have not seen any indication of him falling head over heals for another woman

Nate-Dog2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I really doubt Ubisoft are going to show the moment that leads to Ezio's death in one of their first proper trailers for the game. That being said it could hint at him dying later on, but still not there.

@Above: Would agree with Dan, he was old enough at the end of AC: Brotherhood but Ezio looks so old this looks like it's a lot of years ahead of that point, could have definitely had a child by then that we don't know about. I'm still a bit confused on the recent memory thing myself though.

TomInc2691d ago

I'm with everyone else here. I doubt we watch him die, especially since we've seen Altier dive off in the background ... I think he had to get there to truly retrace steps.. So next step? Lose the noose and do what altier did and take a leap of faith!

MyLeadYourHead562691d ago

Is it just me but Ezio looks way different.

MyLeadYourHead562690d ago

he was 40 in the last one they say he's about 50 in this one so much change in so little time

Quagmire2690d ago

Im guessing its his CGI face, compared to the in-game faces of Ezio, we have never actually seen how he looks in CGI, hence the sudden strangeness.

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