PS Vita to Cost Almost $400 in UK

Yesterday, Sony finally confirmed the price of the PS Vita (formerly NGP) during the Sony Press Conference at $249 (WiFi) and $299 (3G). Gamers, including myself, were fairly ecstatic at the news, but then I found out that Sony had different pricing plans for the UK and elsewhere, with the PS Vita costing almost $400.

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Kran2743d ago

You mean:

"Gamers, including myself, were fairly ecstatic at the news, but then I found a fake rumor that Sony had different pricing plans for the UK and elsewhere"

TheStonedSheep2743d ago

Have you read the article? Multiple sources suggest a price point of around £235.

Kran2743d ago

Yes and I bet they got it from the same source which faked the rumor.

TheStonedSheep2743d ago

So you think that CVG and VG247 are lying?

IRetrouk2743d ago

229 in uk just preordered 2.

I_find_it_funny2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

world without VAT would be so much friendlier and peaceful

Kee2743d ago

Well, that's about the same price as a 3DS was at launch so you can't complain.

Pintheshadows2743d ago

TBH that seems about right. Day one.

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FlashXIII2743d ago

229 pounds for something that is $249? I hope I can import this like the psp then as that price is CRAZY HIGH. $250 is currently converted to £151 now I understand we have something like an extra 5% or something tax on electronics but to add £70 onto that price is just plain and flat out wrong.

TLG19912743d ago

fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake!

shikamaroooo2743d ago

400 Dollars or 400 Euros I am confused

Ju2743d ago

$249, Euro 249, looks like 229 in UK. Exchange rate doesn't really count. Also, US is excl. VAT, the others incl. it (subtract 22% in some/most countries, makes it closer to Eur. 200 which is still about $300 - depending of the time of the day, LOL).

sourav932743d ago

You say that the US price is without VAT, yet you can preorder the PSVita over at for $249.99. So do the preorder prices exclude VAT as well?

Ju2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Good luck with that. does not deliver to Europe. They will forward you to their local websites. You could try Play-Asia ( ). They are Hongkong based. But have fun when it breaks...

I could send you one. LOL ;) Probably not worth it, though. You'll have to add a new power supply (or step down converter) and pay import tax + shipping. Pushes it over $300 easily, and that is what you pay in Europe.

coolfool2743d ago

@ Ju

Actually it doesn't. Even with all that you mention you are still saving about 65-70 dollars. That's a game right?

Ju2743d ago

Shipping sets you back at least $50-$70...the only way to save some money there is if someone can bring it over from a trip.

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Optical_Matrix2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Sony don't have different pricing plans for the UK. I wish you kids would learn about simple economics and how Europe is the most expensive continent to live in. We get such high taxes and tarrifs. You're an idiot if you think that the $299.99 announced yesterday is a direct indication of the UK price.

GAME have the thing up for pre-order already. £229.99 for the Wi-Fi version and £279.99 for the 3G+Wi-Fi version. Considering I paid £199.99 (RRP of £229.99) for my 3DS on launch day thats a steal.

Undeadwolfy2743d ago

^ Listen to this man right here.

Baka-akaB2743d ago

how the hell did you loose your bubbles ? You are one of the few sane folks around , and one of the fewer guys worth having a fighting game convo with ...


FlashXIII2743d ago

Simple Economics means we pay an extra £70 for something that still costs them the same to make? Now we do have higher taxes but paying £70 extra is just nuts. I'll be importing mine.

Optical_Matrix2743d ago

Well good luck with that. And when you get charged import tax like I did with my PSP back in 2005, and it ends up costing more or the less the same, egg on your face I guess lol. And yes, simple economics does mean that my friend. It's how the world works unfortunately.

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Frenza2743d ago

EU is getting ripped off as always ):

starshaped2743d ago

It sounds a lot worse than it is i guess, i personally think £230-£270 is great considering, but if they want to drop the price a little more i'm not going to stop them.

FlashXIII2743d ago

£230 is great for a handheld console which is far more affordable over in the states? You must be made of money!

starshaped2743d ago

A whole lot of stuff is cheaper in the states, while not being fair there's not much that can be done about it

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