GamerZines: Kinect Fun Labs - First Impressions

From GamerZines: "We know you're excited for Halo 4, Gears of War 3, and Forza Motorsport 4, but there's one piece of software announced during Microsoft's E3 press conference that you can get your hands on right now; Kinect Fun Labs, a free hub for new gadgets that, in the eyes of Microsoft, will enhance your Xbox 360 experience. So let's check it out."

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garos822691d ago

its a good direction for kinect.but they really need to show off the goods as promised from last years e3. unfortunately i still think the kinect is laggy and the implementation into core games will make them worse rather than enhance the experience.
i guess time will tell

TheKayle2691d ago

sorry guys im just copying and pasting this msg ..just for the xbox users :)

We should stop to log into xbl ..or just dont turn on the xbox for 2 week...we should do something a sort of strike to make understand microsoft that we want CORE GAMES..without kinect..or at least that u can use for a different type of the move in virtua tennis...killzone ecc ecc (that with move is unplayble but anyway!)......hoping that microsoft get back on steps and start to understand what we want seriously